This week's Sea of Thieves update allows you to be the captain of your very own ship

This week's Sea of Thieves update allows you to be the captain of your very own ship

After a delay, Sea of Thieves'' seventh season will be live, and as per usual, a major content update will be going live alongside it.

This particular update, which focuses on Captaincy, has been long-awaited, much anticipated, and might just see me return to the game. After all, who doesn''t want to be the captain of their own boat?

The Captaincy update will include features to Sea of Thieves that players have been asking since the game was released, so it is a pretty significant deal for many keen pirates. On August 4, 2022, you''ll be able to hop aboard your ship and get customizing.

Players will be able to purchase a ship of their own using in-game Gold and they will then be the captain of their new boat. This includes the Captain''s Cabin room, where players will now be able to mess around with everything from the bed to the walls, to make the ship truly feel like their pirate home.

It''s also important to keep life on the sea while items will be out of place often. Players may clean their ship by using a simple Adjust button, or they may even save the state their ship is in if they wish to remember the outcome.

Through in-game Gold, players will be able to access materials like wood, bombs, fruit, meat, cannonballs, and more. Moreover, a new group of NPCs can be found at Outposts. This group of Sovereigns will happily take all your loot off your hands, but they will only do so if youre from a Captained ship. This saves you having to find specific Trading Companies, provided you have the gold to man your own ship.

The Captaincy update will be included in season 7s patch notes tomorrow, but for now, the trailer gives us a decent idea of what to anticipate. The Captaincy update will even include its own Captaincy progression system, so you can keep track of your pirate stats while traveling.

These features - or at least similar ones - were expected to arrive back in 2018 during the game''s first update following its release. However, these ideas were put to the rest for a while. However, they were now finally seeing them come to fruition, and players will finally have something to spend on them!

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