Two Characters Into Fall Guys: The King Of Fighters

Two Characters Into Fall Guys: The King Of Fighters

Epic Games and Mediatonic have announced a new crossover for for characters. In reality, one of these games, the game, which is not a character addition, is a bean costume. Two things, however, you''ll get Terry Bogard (who technically started in, but has become a major character in) and Mai Shiranui costumes to the game starting on August 4th, just in time for Evo 2022. Both of these features will include a special "C''mon C''mon."

There''s not more to this crossover, so often, when players go in on these things, they tend to go big with four different characters, so a team can all dress up together. However, this is the start of something bigger between the two, and we''re not seeing all of these individuals come to the game yet. Both of these characters may be snag until August 8th.

Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui will be wearing their iconic red and white cap, denim bottoms, and a sleeveless red jacket, as well as a high-knot ponytail. We''ve got a new Nameplate and Emote. Get the goods from August 4th 8th!

  • Terry Bogard Costume
  • Mai Shiranui Costume
  • "Shiranui Style of Ninja Arts" Nameplate
  • C''''mon, C''''mon Emote

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