Come Home Could Be Charles Schulz's Peanuts Film Snoopy

Come Home Could Be Charles Schulz's Peanuts Film Snoopy

This one for me is a bit personal because I''ve been waiting for it. Every week, I highlight cool and interesting Heritage Auctions pieces, as well as one movie that I watched over and over, wearing down the VHS. This film is, and I''ve eagerly waited for sharing a list from this beautiful film of separation, adventure, and reunion. Today, you can enter Heritage Auctions to bid for this special film poster, which is then marked and displayed.

Snoopy, Come Back!A Daybill Movie Poster for Australia (BEF, 1972).

Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Schroeder were staring in the animated full length feature film. Bill Melendez, Stephen Shea, Chad Webber, David Carey, Christopher de Faria, and Robin Kohn have both received a copy of this photograph. The front is in excellent condition.

I''m delighted to see such a nostalgic item from this film''s promotion at auction. You may go to Heritage Auctions today to bid on this classic item. Best of luck to those who have posted it.

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