For PC and Xbox Consoles, The Forest Cathedral has been announced

For PC and Xbox Consoles, The Forest Cathedral has been announced

Whitehorn Games has announced their latest title on the way as they will be available on PC and Xbox. It is a multiplatform game that features 2D and 3D, combining puzzle solving and exploration in what feels like a dark first-person psychological thriller. However, this one is presented with some interesting mini-games and mechanics. This game will be released sometime in the Fall.

The DDT investigation, conducted by real-life scientist Rachel Carson, is based on a complex and colorful forest on a remote island. Rachel soon realizes that things aren''t as they appear; players will slowly discover the harmful effects of the pesticide by employing advanced environmental technology to complete puzzles that combine 3D exploration and 2D platforming. What secrets will Rachel discover on this island?

  • Hey, Little Man: Switch control between Rachel Carson in the 3D world and the Little Man inside the 2D world of her advanced environmental scanning tools in order to solve puzzles and platforming challenges.
  • Nature in Peril: Explore a meticulously crafted forested island, dense with trees, animals, fish, and insects, all impacted by the dangerous effects of DDT.
  • The Sound of the Silence:The game features a fully voiced narrative to invest players in the harrowing history of the attempted silencing of Rachel Carson, backed by an enchanting original soundtrack

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