Release date, cast, plot, first look, and everything we know about the Munich Games

Release date, cast, plot, first look, and everything we know about the Munich Games

This is a tense thriller set to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the famous "Munich Massacre" that took place at the Germany Olympic Games on September 5 1972.

The world was shocked when Israeli athletes and coaches were taken hostage in their rooms in the Olympic village by a Palestinian terrorist group called itself Black September. Then, 21 hours later, after an attempted rescue at a Munich airfield went horribly wrong, 12 Israeli hostages were murdered as they waited in a helicopter on the runway.

It stars Seyneb Saleh, Yousef Sweid, Sebastian Rudolph, and Dov Glickman in this fast-paced multi-language thriller, which was first published by the author of a global television hitand. Both actors, Israeli and German, have to work together to prevent a major terrorist attack 50 years after the original Munich Massacre.

So here''s all we know so far about (also known in some countries) coming to Sky Atlantic in 2022.

Munich Games release date

The entire film will be available on Sky Atlantic and NOW in September 2022 as the anniversary of the Munich Massacre will be announced on September 5, 2019. The series will be available in all Sky markets including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Paramount Global Content Distribution is responsible for international distribution rights to the series outside the Sky markets. When a date and channel will be announced, we will update the content.

Is there a trailer for Munich Games?

Sky hasn''t yet released a trailer for it, so we''re planning a second one soon, so we''ll post it here.

What is the plot of Munich Games?

A friendly football match between an Israeli and a German team is planned for 2022 and as a commemoration of peace and respect for the victims of the 1972 terrorist attack. Police and secret services on all sides are on high alert to ensure the security of the event.

Israel is particularly sensitive, and Mossad agent Oren Simon, who is stationed in Berlin, intercepts a message on the dark web just days before the match goes ahead. He then joins forces with Maria Kohler, a German state criminal cop (LKA), with Lebanese roots to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

Munich Games cast

Seyneb Saleh plays Maria Kohler, a German police agent who meets up with Mossad''s Berlin agent Oren Simon, who is played by Yousef ''Joe'' Sweid) in the show. This episode, which was previously shown on Channel 4, has been called "Joe."

Sebastian Rudolph and Dov Glickman, Robert Maaser, Goran Kostic, and Mehdi Meskar among the other international stars.

Behind the scenes

Sky Deutschland is a multi-national group. It is composed by Michal Aviram (, directed by Philipp Kadelbach,) and written by Aviram and Martin Behnke (). Amusement Park Film, CBS Studios, and Sky Studios have a combined production.

Michal Aviram says: "I was truly intrigued by the narrative, so powerful," people from Israel, Jews, and coming to Germany for a very peaceful sporting event. It was like a knife to the heart, and it profoundly influenced Israel and Germany in many ways.

Previous films about the 1972 Munich massacre

Steven Spielberg''s followed the events of 1972, but also what happened shortly after Golda Meir, the then Israeli Prime Minister, sent Mossad agents out around the world on covert operations to murder those who planned the massacre. Her secret controversial edict was called Operation Wrath Of God. Stars of this film included Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, and Lynn Cohen.

Back in 1976 there was a made-for-TV program called which depicted the massacre from start to finish. William Holden, Anthony Quayle, Franco Nero, Richard Basehart, and Shirley Knight were also involved.

The highly acclaimed 1999 documentary film, directed by Michael Douglas, spoke to the families of victims and those who participated in the negotiations with terrorists and the botched rescue attempt. It was awarded the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

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