The Legendary Pokemon Scarlet Violet Koraidon and Miraidon have been revealed

The Legendary Pokemon Scarlet Violet Koraidon and Miraidon have been revealed

Bisher, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries have become some of the most striking ones in the series.

These Legendary Pokemon look set to be a significant part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet''s main story, with new Pokemon Miraidon and Koraidon gracing the boxes for the official cover art.

What''s interesting about the Pokemon can transform into new forms to assist you explore the map. This isn''t new, but this connection with your trainer, as well as their many forms.

This page reveals all of the Legendary Pokemon currently confirmed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as as as guidance on your preparation for your brand new Pokemon adventure.

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Legendary Pokemon List of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

So far, only two Legendary Pokemon have been revealed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These are the two headline monsters, with Koraidon on the cover art for Pokemon Scarlet and Miraidon for Pokemon Violet.


How do Miraidon and Koraidon forms work?

The two games cover stars Koraidon and Miraidon - Scalet and Violet -

Little is known about these Pokemon currently - we don''t know how long or abilities they will have. The Japanese meaning of the prefix ''Korai'' which roughly means to ''ancient'' has given the world a major boost. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the same concept might be applicable for the two Legendary Pokemon previously.

We, however, know they will come in several levels, aiding you in understanding the Paldea region. This suggests these Legendaries will be available early in the game, bucking the trend for Legendaries only appearing late in mainline entries.

Three identical forms have been issued, including one:

  • Sprinting Build / Drive Mode (turning into a motorcycle for faster travel and scaling cliffs)
  • Swimming Build / Aquatic Mode (for traversing water)
  • Gliding Build / Glide Mode (for soaring through the air)

There are "even more forms" than what we''ve already discovered, according to reports. Any notions beyond land, sea, and air transportations have already been discovered, or maybe something for rapid travel?

For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there''s a three-month series dedicated to the three starter Pokemon, the confirmed new Gen 9 Pokemon, and finally the Paldean Pokemon, including the Paldean Wooper.

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