THQ Nordic is releasing AEW: Fight Forever, and wrestling games are now almost acircle

THQ Nordic is releasing AEW: Fight Forever, and wrestling games are now almost acircle

AEW: Fight Forever, which is still coming soon, is their first attempt at a sweaty graps sim to compete with WWE''s series, and today it was confirmed that its publisher is THQ Nordic. This is not only means that we''ll see more gameplay next week''s THQ Nordic showcase, per a tiny teaser, but it also adds another horse to the chastody of businesses utilizing wrestling sims.

Bear with me here, but the WWE games used to be made by Yuke''s, and were published by THQ until THQ was terminated in the 2010s. The WWE license was passed to Take-Two Interactive, and the games were still made by Yuke''s until the studio''s studio Visual Concepts was taken over from WWE 2K20 onwards.

AEW''s equities in the Czech Republic have been restored, but Nordic Games have now started calling themselves THQ Nordic in 2016. It''s interesting to see that AEW have almost sort of established themselves up with the original wrestledev team - or at least have the same logos anyway.

Kenny Omega, a guy who has moved named after Final Fantasy characters, said one of the first things I did after signing with AEW was to ask Tony Khan to help assemble the world''s finest wrestling game. However, the most recent WWE games haven''t pushed the game off, so Fight Forever may be on to a winner. Yuke''s may be able to smash away some old assets.

It''s actually a nice representation of how AEW''s existence has invigorated pro-wrestling a bit. Whether you like or dislike either company, WWE subsuming all competitors and having no competition for years was very boring (and I''m not even going to get into the current shenanigans over there, good lord). At a base level, consolidation is bad for consumers and competition is good. Visual Concepts might reach greater heights as well.

Personally, I''m pleased that there''ll be extra press releases where PRs must be flexible in pro-wrestling terms such as "push" or define rights agreements as the "tag-team event of the century." Look out for more Fight Forever at the THQ Nordic digital show on August 12 (that''s next Friday).

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