Terastel forms, ridable Legendaries, and TeraRaids are discussed in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet stream

Terastel forms, ridable Legendaries, and TeraRaids are discussed in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet s

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company International organize a Pokemon Presents today, revealing more info about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

During the stream, a glimpse of the Paldea region was given, and we were introduced to five new characters, three Pokemon (Fidough, Paldean Wooper, and Cetitan) were revealed, the Terastel Phenomenon was revealed, and information about Tera Raid Battles.

The Paldea area, a land filled with open spaces, lakes, mountains, and even wastelands, is filled with Pokemon living together in various locations. The land is filled with trees, rivers, and wilderness habitats.

According to the game you purchased, Paldea is home to the largest city in the country, Mesagoza. Depending on which version you have chosen, you may pick the Naranja Academy or Uva Academy.

The Pokedex is used as an app on your Rotom phone to print a map of the Paldea region and show your actual location. Different types of information can be found in the app, such as nearby towns, Pokemon Centers, and wild Pokemon.

In Tera Raid Battles, you will encounter a paldea Terastel Phenomenon that shines and shines like gems. Together, you and two other people may collaborate to take on a Terastallized wild Pokemon.

The Tera Jewel appears above the head like a crown, and the Pokemons body glistens. All Pokemon in Paldea can Terastallize to gain special powers, and Terastallization allows you to enhance your battle strategies by increasing the powers of any moves that have the same type as your Pokemons Tera Type.

Terastallization is possible for a variety of Pokemon and Tera Types. Once per battle, you may transform a Pokemon, which will last until the end of the battle. To do this, you will use a Tera Orb, which will need to be recharged after each use. Charge it by touching crystals overflowing with Terastal energy or by going to a Pokemon Center.

You may use other players to join you in the Tera Raid Battle option. Here, you may recruit friends or join someone elses raid. You must include a Link Code to join the battle.

The battle system has a time limit, which allows you to continue attacking effectively without waiting for other Trainers to execute them.

When it comes to trading and dealing with other trainers, you will utilize a tool called the Poke Portal.

A Link Trade is a way to trade with a specific person in the Poke Portal. Once you have chosen a Pokemon to trade, you will be able to trade with a random trainer somewhere in the world.

In the Poke Portal, you will be able to have Pokemon battles with other Pokemon trainers.

A new Union Circle feature on the Poke Portal allows you to travel together with up to three friends.

People you will meet in the game will be introduced in today''s stream.

Clavell, the director of the school, who will teach you a lot about Pokemon biology. He is also the developer of the Pokedex app for the Rotom Phone. He is also your homeroom teacher. Penny will also be a tutor you interact with, but she does not seem to come to school very often. The other character, the Glaseado Gym Leader, Grusha, has Cetitan as his partner.

The Ice-Type Terra Whale Pokemon, which has been described today, was the one of three Pokemon introduced.

This particular genus migrates around the snowy areas and utilizes its abilities, including Thick Fat and Slush Rush.

Fidough the Puppy Pokemon also made an appearance. This Fairy-type can intimidate opponents by puffing up their bodies to appear larger. Their innate ability is Own Tempo.

The other Pokemon introduced was the Paldean Wooper. At some point, these Pokemon lived underwater in the Paldea region before moving to bogs on land. This Poison-type Pokemon may shoot poisonous liquid from their gills and provide the ability to Poison Point and Water Absorb.

Different Pokemon species will be listed as previously announced, depending on which game you purchase. For example, Larvitar and Stonjourner appear in Pokemon Scarlet, while Bagon and Eiscue appear in Pokemon Violet.

In the game, new forms will be discovered for the Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon. Depending on which game is purchased, either Pokemon will join you on your journey. Koraidon and Miraidon are said to have an advantage that far exceeds those of other Pokemon, and they may modify their forms to match what they are doing or the terrain they are traveling on.

There are many ways to ride Sprinting Build Koraidon or use Drive Mode Miraidon to travel the Paldea region more freely.

Theres also Swimming Build and Aquatic Mode. Here, you may jump into rivers, lakes, and oceans to catch the Pokemon that live there or cross dangerous waters quickly by riding Swimming Build Koraidon or Aquatic Mode Miraidon.

There''s a Gliding Build and Glide Mode that allows you to jump from mountains, towering cliffs, or tall buildings to get them to your destination.

A special in-game Pikachu, which is usually confused with Flying, is mailed to you if you pre-order Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Up until Tuesday, February 28, 2023, you may receive it via internet from the Mystery Gift feature in your game.

If you download Scarlet or Violet from Nintendo eShop by Tuesday, February 28, 2023, you may receive a serial code for a set that includes 10 Potions, five full-heals, three revives, three Ether, one Rare Candy, and one Nugget.

Both games will be eligible for a Double-Pack Bonus, which will provide you with two codes (one per game) that will reward you with 100 poke balls.

Scarlet and Violet are out on November 18th.

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