Blizzard reportedly cancels a non-announced World of Warcraft MMO formobile

Blizzard reportedly cancels a non-announced World of Warcraft MMO formobile

Following a disagreement between Activision Blizzard and Chinese publisher Netease, an unannounced World of Warcraft MMO project has been canceled.

The unannounced project, internally known as Neptune, was not a direct adaptation of World of Warcraft, but a MMORPG spin-off set in the same universe, but during a different time period.

Despite the game being currently in development at NetEase for three years, the company is believed to have disbanded its creative team - composed of more than 100 developers - after a disagreement with Activision Blizzard "over terms."

Although no World of Warcraft MMO has been officially announced, controversial Activision Blizzard chairman Bobby Kotick confirmed in 2021 that the publisher had "multiple mobile free-to-play Warcraft experiences" in advanced development.

One of these, a free-to-play "tower offence" game titled Arclight Rumble, was announced in May, but the initial release was accompanied by another Bloomberg report, which claimed that a separate project - a long-rumoured Warcraft-themed approach on Pokemon Go - had been terminated.

Despite the two companies having recently had a huge success with the Diablo Immortal, today''s news of a second Warcraft mobile cancellation is said to jeopardize Blizzard''s ongoing partnership with NetEase, which publishes World of Warcraft and a number of other Blizzard properties in China.

This game has received significant criticism from fans for its monetisation technique, but this hasn''t stopped it from making more than $100 million USD in just two months since its launch.

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