Behaviour Beyondshowcase is a review of Resident Evil Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Beyondshowcase is a review of Resident Evil Dead by Daylight

The output of Behaviour Interactive has been dominated by horror game Dead by Daylight, but the developer is going... beyond that with its Behaviour Beyond showcase.

This was the company''s first ever event, which was streamed live on Twitch and YouTube.

All of the rest is revealed.

Watch the YouTube Project W release trailer.

There was, obviously, an announcement for Dead by Daylight, which confirms recent leaks of its next Resident Evil chapter.

Project W will include Wesker as a new Killer, inspired by his appearance in Resident Evil 5, as well as Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong as new Survivors.

Little about how Wesker will play, although he has been confirmed to infect other players, which will work differently to Nemesis.

The map of the Racoon City Police Department will be altered by dividing it into two maps: the East and West Wings.

Lady Dimitrescu will not be included as a Killer, despite being a little slow.

The dating simulator Hooked On You is now available on Steam. In other Dead by Daylight news, it is now available.

Col Sanders, the creator of the visual novel I Love You, has developed this one: four iconic Killers from the game in a sexy interactive novel.

Find love or die trying. On Steam, Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight dating simulator is AVAILABLE NOW:

A selection of brand new games has been announced by Behaviour.

Meet Your Maker, an asymmetrical building and raiding game set in an apocalyptic wasteland, is the first up.

Players will build their own outposts filled with traps and guards before infiltrating other outposts online to steal money.

The game will be available on PC in 2023, with an initial playtest scheduled for the 23rd August. In our preview, you may see it here.

Flippin Misfits, a two-to-four-player online brawler set in a space with varying gravity, was also shown: Consider Gravity Rush and Splatoon.

It promises a frantic space gimmick and will be released on Steam in September.

In this colorful, chaotic, gravity-swapping melee brawler, you can join the Flippin Misfits, a gang of fun-loving young daredevils to sew, twist, and hold your rights. Here''s how to get started. Read more on your Steamlist:

Project S: A Mystical Quest is a collaboration between Behaviour and Lunarch Studios in Toronto. Players will be able to explore a fantasy realm and solve logic puzzles in one single attempt.

The film will be released next year.

Lastly, the Jurassic World Primal Ops mobile title is now available.

The previously announced free-to-play game has your human character combining with dinosaurs to protect them from enemies and destroy bases. It''s now available on iOS and Android.

Get to know the team and learn more about their journey in bringing a brand new action-adventure Jurassic World mobile game. Click here to watch the full video : Download the game now:

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