When DC.Com became the URL for "The Crappy American Car Page"

When DC.Com became the URL for "The Crappy American Car Page"

Courtney Simmons (now Courtney Brown) at DC PR used to rag on me for saying DC Comics, rather than DC. I used to explain to her that the website was DCComics.com, and she said she couldn''t help what URL the company had registered, it was DC, DC, and DC. However, I was reminded of those conversations today as DC Comics officially changed its URL to DC.com.

DC.com was established to "let people rant and rave about the crappiest of vehiclesAmerican" in the 2000s, and they kept the domain name until the early stages of San Diego Comic-Con. That''s about two percent of a Batgirl movie. Now there''s a press release. Not sent by Courtney, she''s just sending us things about halflings these days.

The DC Community hub will now include weekly video content ranging from trailers for upcoming releases, archival stories, and talent interviews. The @DC handle across most platforms is being refreshed. DC Universe Infinite, DC Community, and theDC Community hub will also provide one login.

  • DC Super Scenes Videos highlighting fan-favorite moments and characters from across DC''''s storied history in all mediums dropped every Tuesday & Friday.
  • Tuesday Trivia Every Tuesday DC Community will host a themed trivia event where all fans are welcome, but even the most loyal DC fan may be stumped.
  • Riddler Wednesday DC Community will post a riddle every Wednesday for members to try and solve either by themselves or together as a group.
  • DC''''s House of Listery Posted every Thursday, DC.com will curate a new list of essential moments, characters and content for fans to explore, add to and debate.
  • Monthly Deep Diveson everything happening with your favorite characters, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman across the DC Universe.
  • Digital Experiences, includingMy DC Origin Story,where fans can take part in an interactive story and discover where they belong among the super teams of the DC Universe.

In a manner that makes crappy American Batmobiles seem to have a lot of space.

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