How to Watch Bullet Train

How to Watch Bullet Train

Are you keen to see the summer''s (train) ride? The Brad Pitt action comedy is a massive summer blockbuster and is now available for movie enthusiasts across the globe. But what do you think?

Is it streaming? Is it only playing in cinemas? And if so, where? Weve got all your questions answered on how to watch right here, just read on to get them started.

How to watch Bullet Train in movie theaters

the film is being made for free in movie theaters in the United Kingdom as of August 3, with US audiences able to begin seeing early screenings on Thursday, August 4, before it officially premieres on August 5.

You may then go to Fandango, a local theater, to see if it is playing there, or go to the site. This tab contains links to every theater in which a film is playing.

Do you like watching movies but want to pay them for it? Movie theater subscriptions and membership deals are a great way to try and make going to the movies more affordable. This range of US and UK movie theater chains has offered discounted and free tickets, as well as other incentives. Concession discounts and other benefits are also available.

Is Bullet Train streaming?

No, when we said the game is exclusively in cinemas, we meant it. However, we must wait for the streaming service to arrive.

It''s hard to guess when Sony Pictures Entertainment will be available on Netflix, although it does have a contract for its movies to stream there first. However, the timing for these streaming launches is unclear.

Keep this page updated when news of future streaming and digital on-demand updates are announced.

Everything you need to know about Bullet Train

Brad Pitt is just one of many actors who form the cast, including Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Bad Bunny. Nearly all of them are assassins on the same train and with conflicting interests in this adaptation of Kotaro Isaka''s novel.

In our essay, we described the film as a "celebration ride" that actors are all clearly having fun with, but have reservations if viewers will necessarily feel the same. Overall reviews have been equally mixed, as has a 58% "Rotten" score on Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab) as of August 3.

Watch the trailer here.

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