How to Uncap FPS in MultiVersus?

How to Uncap FPS in MultiVersus?

If this happens, it will not uncap the FPS at all. If this happens, you have to go through the trenches and find a hack to avoid it. This is the same thing with, at least for me on PC, so I had to figure out how to completely turn VSync off to get that extra smoothness as I am using a 144 Hz monitor.

Achieving this requires you to take additional action. In Editing this file, you can regain the frame rate as per your need. So you can go through the steps and see how exactly you can do it.

How to Uncap the Frame Rate in MultiVersus

The benefit of having a high-refresh monitor is escorted because FPS is the rate at which your hardware completes frames, and Hz is the monitor capability at which it displays those completed frames. So, 144 Hz is 144 times per second, the interval at which your monitor updates the picture. Typically, these two factors cause screen tearing.

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