Hisuian Braviary Raid Day is Discussed in the Pokemon GO Event

Hisuian Braviary Raid Day is Discussed in the Pokemon GO Event

As part of the Hisuian Discoveries celebration, this past weekend hosted the unique Hisuian Braviary Raid Day event. Let''s look at this event to see if it coincided with previous Raid Days.

What worked in this event

  • Hisuian Braviary release: The release of Hisuian Braviary in raids with its Shiny already unlocked was the most exciting thing to happen in all through July 2022. Hisuian Braviiary looks terrific, with the glowing effect on its head in both its standard and Shiny form rendered beautifully. This Pokemon is also sure to enrich the game long-term in its future appearances as a Tier Three raid boss.
  • Tier Three: Niantic set Hisuian Braviary raids to Tier Three, which makes it so that most players would be able to defeat and complete these battles as solo players.
  • Shiny rate: Raid Days have historically had a massively boosted Shiny rate with researchers noting one in ten as the odds to which these encounters are likely set. This is twice as good as the standard Legendary Tier Five rate and is far and away the highest Shiny rate that has been noted inacross all events and encounter types. Hisuian Braviary seemed as if it was set to this traditional Raid Day rate, which means that dedicated players who leaned into either exploring the map to do in-person raids or paying for Remote Raid Passes likely had a relatively easy time finding their Shiny Hisuian Braviary. If you had a hard time with this Shiny, as can happen with any rate, that''''s rotten luck, but in general, this was quite an easy Shiny score.

What didn''''t work in this event

  • Nothing!


Hisuain Braviary Raid Day is a spectacular one-day event that will be remembered as one of Niantic''s best offerings in Summer 2022.

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