At auction, Rulah and Matt Baker's Phantom Lady are a part of All-Top Comics

At auction, Rulah and Matt Baker's Phantom Lady are a part of All-Top Comics

The volume of Baker''s contributions to Fiction House was declining dramatically starting with issues cover-dated September 1945. While Baker had been contributing to nearly 40 interior pages of comic book art per month (pencils and/or inks) in the previous three months, the number of pages recovered was relatively limited due to wartime restrictions. However, Baker''s contribution to Fiction House was then reinstated. This quickly paved the way for Baker''s work for other publishers, including the Fox Feature Syndicate.

Given how well the title and its South Sea Girl covers portrayed Baker''s artistic talents, it appears that Jerry Iger launched this series himself during this period at least in part in a bid to showcase one of his rising Iger Studio star artists'' talents in order to acquire him higher profile covers (Kamen would begin publishing Fiction House covers in 1949) however, this period of sparser Fiction House contributions also corresponds to his full-length comic work on Lorna Doone, Tiny Tales, and the mysterious project. In

Supposedly, a lot of the effort of "Iger" was to deduce Victor Fox into thinking about Matt Baker''s paintings in the beginning of his Fox era, implying that it''s almost certainly impossible for him to have done all of the work. Baker began to get relatively regular work from Fiction House beginning with early 1948 cover-dated material, which corresponded with the period during which he left Iger Studio to work freelance (via Iger) until his work for St. John Publications began to ramp

The Fox Feature Syndicate had been almost completely transformed into a kid''s humor and funny animal comic book publisher for eight months when it was returned, spawned on cover-dated versions from 1941 to 1943. Soon, and similarly transformed to jungle adventures, Phantom Lady was brought to the Fox Feature Syndicate suite, which was later reimagined as an alternative comic book. A snag for the idea that Good Girl art would be the next best comic book titles in American history.

The 11-issue title isn''t the only Fox series in which the character''s adventures would be published. Phantom Lady might be covered with some impressive Rulah and Jungle Girl covers in the bargain. There are a few of these issues with Matt Baker''s Phantom Lady art and a Baker Rulah cover up for auction in the 2022 August 11 The Matt Baker Showcase Auction #40190 at Heritage Auctions.

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