D3 Publisher Has Announced Samurai Maiden

D3 Publisher Has Announced Samurai Maiden

The tease has passed. D3 Publisher, which recently previewed a new project with a samurai sword, has officially announced its newest project. The aptly named project was unveiled alongside a new announcement trailer. The trailer is based on more gameplay and sets up its foundation.

Tsumugi Tamaori, a 21st-century young boy, is forcibly transported several centuries into the past, awakening up in a burning hut. Tsumugi, who was brought to her by Nobunaga himself, is transported back to life by the perpetrators and cutting through crowds of supernatural creatures across the world.

Tsumugi utilizes her own squad, including three Gokage ninjas, when throwing them around with her blade and performing superhuman sword techniques. Iyo uses an arsenal of shinobi tools, Hagane is equipped with prosthetic weapons, and Komimi uses fearsome jutsu attacks. Tsumugi can leverage the Gokages'' abilities to create powerful combos and sweep the battlefield.

Tsumugi and her Gokage can build their relationships as they flee the world through new and powerful techniques. These techniques can be unleashed with a kiss.

PS4, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC are in development. It will be available for free in Winter 2022. PS4 owners will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free.

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