Richard Tait, a Cranium co-creator, has died

Richard Tait, a Cranium co-creator, has died

Richard Tait, the co-founder of Cranium and the former CEO of the company behind the facility, died. At the age of 58, the 58-year-old, once known as the Grand Poobah, died of COVID-19 complications.

On July 28, his family announced his passing in a brief update to his LinkedIn page mulling former coworkers, friends, peers, and those he inspired for their condolences and support.

We must offer your condolences to our father, partner, and your friend Richard Tait on Monday, July 25th. Richard was an excellent person, an excellent light for many people. This is a devastating loss for everyone, and he will be greatly missed, according to his family.

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Tait is best known in the tabletop space for co-creating the original Cranium family/party game with Whit Alexander. In 1998, the two men worked together to create the board game, which would soon become a major success and spawn its own company.

Tait introduced Cranium to Microsoft coworkers as a shoebox full of components. The eventual retail product tented players with a wide array of tasks that sounded based on a wide spectrum of intellectual abilities, while others required factual logic or knowing triva. The games'' continued success as an approachable party game would spawn dozens of expansions and variations.

Tait continued as an entrepreneur, starting a startup incubator called BoomBoom Brands. He also worked with Starbucks and was recently a partner at Valor Siren Ventures, a Seattle-based venture capital company.

A tribute wall is created in Taits, and a letter from the family that has been posted online.

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