This Friday, an amazing Bomberman set for an Apple Arcade has been released

This Friday, an amazing Bomberman set for an Apple Arcade has been released

Konami has announced that they will be releasing their latest Bomberman title for Apple Arcade this week. This is an interesting take on the classic game, as everything that happens in the match is influenced by the music and the beat happening in the background. Even if you are taken out of the game, you may still impact on other players as long as the game is going until there is only one player left. Enjoy the teaser trailer below as the game opens on August 5th.

The Songs'' Stages Change: The bomb placement and explosion sounds change with the songs, and the battle time also changes depending on the song. When the song gets exciting, blocks will drop, and items may appear when you break them with bombs.

Challenge As Many Times As You Want: Even if Bomberman is blown away, you can revive him as many times as you want as long as the song is playing. You have a chance to reverse the situation until the last second, so don''t forget to escape the battle until the song comes to an end!

Four players compete for the highest scores in this game. The Bomberman with the focus on it during the battle has the highest score, and you may also get bonus points for blowing it up with bombs.

Battles between two levels for up to four players on the Internet for any occasion, whether it be with players from all over the world or with your friends using your room ID.

Get rewards for going through missions. Collect customization items and enjoy more in this amazing World.

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