During this week's veto, Big Brother's Daniel made one of the'dumbest moves' in the show's history

During this week's veto, Big Brother's Daniel made one of the'dumbest moves' in the show's history

As a result of the season 24, there have been several significant blindsides, from Pooch''s surprise takedown to Ameerah last week. However, the blindside being put in place for Thursday''s episode, set in motion by Daniel, may be the season''s largest yet.

Tuesday night''s episode picks up shortly after the nomination ceremony, involving this week''s head of Household, Alyssa and Indy. "I still may backdoor Nicole," Monte says in the diary room, but it''s a move that worries The Leftovers'' associate: "I''d have to go on the block again."

What is her Festie Bestie Nicole going after Ameerah''s blindside? Nicole admits. "I will most likely be the backdoor strategy. I''m afraid."

Indy and Alyssa will be saved with the veto so that Taylor and Nicole can be nominated in their position, and the house may vote big threat Nicole off in "sweet revenge" for her treatment. Daniel promises his final-two friends that he will not use the veto if he wins the POV comp. "I want to gun for it, win the thing, and not use it, but Nicole and I need to protect my two finals," Daniel adds in a confession.

Daniel and Kyle have done well in the veto comp, and at first glance, Daniel''s buddy Nicole is in the clear for the week, with The Leftovers now wanting the nominees to stay the same to protect their allies Michael and Brittany, who are the only Festie Besties without the safety net of being partnered with a non-alliance housemate. They now want to vote off Alyssa and add Indy to their team.

Daniel completely changes his gears as an ill-thought-out way of reverse psychology, rather than using the power of veto and instead to swap Taylor and Nicole, incorrectly believing that Monte did not have enough votes to exit Nicole.

"He''s going to make one of history''s most ridiculous movies, and to woo his best friend Nicole," Kyle adds.

It ends up going down like that, with Daniel and Kyle using their veto powers, Monte nominating Taylor and Nicole, and The Leftovers citing the latter for eviction on Thursday night.

"Now Operation Backdoor Nicole can go as planned," Kyle says.

On Big Brother 2022, fans react to Daniel''s ''dumb move.''

daniel and nicole are seeing their masterminds, and they bought the house on lock #bb24 pic.twitter.com/J8oygKzCMAugust 4, 2022

LOL Nicole thinks she is safe #BB24 pic.twitter.com/NTLJ5Gd3KeAugust 4, 2022

NICOLES IN LMFAOOOOO #BB24 pic.twitter.com/ZwpLQQjQQJQAugust 4, 2022

During this #bb24 pic.twitter.com/JqL7pfobXbAugust 4, 2022, Monte is chuckling forward at Daniel.

Who must be pleased with this debacle tonight? This guy! No longer the dumbest move. #BB24 pic.twitter.com/Bww6tR6wKAAugust 4, 2022

Daniel is discussing how his veto will enlist Taylor back to school. Nicole and him are gonna get eaten up tomorrow omg #bb24 pic.twitter.com/svkcHmrWzXAugust 4, 2022

nicole that detecting lies training failed you clear babe #BB24 pic.twitter.com/53jFXS1F0lAugust 4, 2022

daniel is putting on makeup before the eviction tomorrow #BB24 pic.twitter.com/OxysAPyES7August 4, 2022

IF YOU DO NOT WANT ME TO USE THE VETO IM 100% USING ITIts even better with their DRs #bb24 pic.twitter.com/EmlqnyBnBeAugust 4, 2022

Nicole is really putting up by LMAO as a fool. We like to see it #BB24 pic.twitter.com/Ii2IHc8602August 4, 2022

Daniel is really sending his best friend home because of his misgivings over a woman who began from a lie from his best friend Karma. #bb24 pic.twitter.com/Z0cfsFUAsUAugust 4, 2022

nicole is back on the show when she gets kicked out of #BB24 pic.twitter.com/1xsQ7swnBTAugust 4, 2022

Nicole was just got backdoored by her #1 friend after he initially knew NOT to use the veto in order to keep her safe, then he then had two of them get convinced to use the veto due to... fictional reverse psychology?Nicole, soon evicted: "Damn, I''m killing it today."#BB24August 4, 2022

Daniel believes he''s Kayser when he''s really Marcellus. Poor Elvis. #BB24 pic.twitter.com/WqmSwhjZlAugust 4, 2022

Tomorrow night, I wont be able to wIt for another blindside! #bb24August 4, 2022

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