Season 1 of MultiVersus has been postponed for the first time

Season 1 of MultiVersus has been postponed for the first time

After all, MultiVersus will not be scheduled for season 1 on August 9th. According to devs Player First Games, game director Tony Huynh said the delay has nothing to do with the ongoing merger shenanigans between the games publisher Warner Bros. and Discovery, Inc.. To get a shot at the vid bud Liam on the back of their MultiVersus character choices below.

We want to inform everyone that Season 1 will be delayed until the end of Morty, according to Player First. We know this may be dismal for some and we want to assure our Community that we are committed to producing new and exciting content that delights players. The developers responded with a suggestion that season one would be unveiled shortly.

On July 26, Player First relaunched MultiVersus into an indefinitely long open beta. As the open beta started, Superstar basketball player and friend of Looney Tunes LeBron James was added as a playable fighter, but Rick And Morty Smith has no clue on his gramps, according to reports. Rick Sanchez is still expected sometime after the start of the season.

Huynh disclosed a small amount of information on the season one battle pass at the Games. He also stated that the 950 percent of the games premium Gleamium currency and feature 50 tiers. That would come to an end to around 8/$10/10 in real-life, non-Monopoly money. The current preseason pass, which has 15 tiers and costs 300 Gleamium, was expected to close on August 8th.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play game developed on Steam and the Epic Games Store. I''ll let you know when theres more on season one. Why not check out the Ollies guide to the best characters in MultiVersus while you''re waiting for season one to begin?

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