Lisa removes Sutton from her house, saying, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Lisa removes Sutton from her house, saying, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

The ladies of() gathered to celebrate Lisa Rinnas new wine. In season 12 episode 13, Garcelle Beauvais filled Dorit Kemsley with her meet-up with Erika Jayne the previous evening.

Erika had talked about how she was not supposed to be drinking on the medications she was taking. Did you feel sorry? Dorit asked. It was fair to say that Erika fell and hit her head, and she was shocked that Erika fell and struck her head. Garcelle continued by saying that being friends with Sutton Stracke is a liability. Something has shown that it''s only a matter of time before that conversation makes its way around the group.

Is Erika claiming responsibility or simply a lack of self awareness? #RHOBHAugust 4, 2022

Lisa and Sutton chatted about Lisa''s wine venture before diving into the Sutton vs. Diana Jenkins feud. There was also some tension on the website. I''d rather watch you if you laugh.

Lisa joked during a wine tasting that she should make Rinna Rose. Oops, she''s made the joke a reality with Rinna Wines, a French wine collection, but others that are not on the show.

Dorit, Erika, Sutton, Garcelle, and Sheree Zampino were all on hand to attend a Lisas wine-tasting dinner. Regardless of whether or not the sipping of the new product was appropriate, the ladies were talking about a lot of different things, and I remember seeing Crystal [Kung Minkoff] and her eating disorder, and I had asked her if she had ever sought professional treatment, according to Erika.

Dorit recalled how she attended Craigs, a popular Beverly Hills restaurant where she ate, for an hour. She said she is okay, but she said she was vomiting every day. Finally, Lisa and Erika were arguing about why Crystal wasn''t receiving help for her eating problems. Sutton said that maybe she is.

Crystals'' eating disorder without her present was terrifying. #rhobhAugust 4, 2022

Dorit offered suggestions on how she would not be drinking while on her medication; she felt like she was in the midst of being a good friend and having fun with her fellow winemakers.

After the official tasting, the group was still hanging out and enjoying beverages. Garcelle contacted Erika alone and explained how it threw her off when she said that Sutton was a liability. I feel like you must always clean up and take care of her, Erika said. Note that Garcelle doesnt have to stick up for her when she comes in hot water.

Erika said that she feels like Garcelle doesn''t want to know where she is coming from and wants to make her the bad guy, even if she hasn''t done anything to her, adding that she is judgmental.

Sutton argued that Erika was not the only one who saw it that way. Sutton said that she was able to support, support, and defend him. I can''t feel that I''ve been a liability as a friend. I dislike that at all, though. I dislike that, for example, when I saw Erika answering, she said, "You can be as a friend."

Erika recalled the example of how Sutton went on and said that she paid for Lisa Rinna and her husband, Harry Hamlin, to attend an Elton Johns charity event, and was not thanked. Although Lisa and Sutton had discussed this previously (and Sutton had apologized), it was recurrenced.

Lisa believes there is a reason that Sutton wants to hurt her, but Sutton considers the situation as just the opposite. In her confession, Lisa said the situation still bothers her, because there is still some injustice to it, and Sutton isnt being honest about why she did it.

After Lisa Rinna showed proof that she wasn''t lying #RHOBHAugust 4, 2022, she thought Sutton would do well.

Sutton said that you talk out of both sides of your mouth. And you know, **** you. Get out of my house. Lisa was fired back if you want to talk like this. Period. End of story. I will **** you to come for my husband and kids, if you do, close your story.

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