Mega Man Battle & Fighters is coming to Nintendo Switch

Mega Man Battle & Fighters is coming to Nintendo Switch

As Nintendo Switch players are getting this new excellent NeoGeo Pocket title, you should not be concerned, since it was a Japanese version in 2000, and technically it is two agmes in one. This version of the game is the Japanese version, but you get a digital copy of the game as a bonus.

This is a full-color port of the original, which allows you to change the screen to different versions of the old-school portable console to suit your requirements. However, the controls may be somewhat wonkyt because they''re converting the NeoGeo Pocket version to the Switch, but it will not be difficult to pick up. The game is now available for $8 on the link above.

The Neogeo Pocket Color selection now supports both characters. Proto Man, Bass, and Duo are all with their own unique playstyles. Get your buster ready and jump into Mega Man. Eliminate a total of 40 bosses and remove the world''s plans. Character data can be obtained randomly by defeating enemies.

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