The first TRPG for Sweden's Free League is reincarnated as a mirth and mayhem roleplaying gameDragonbane

The first TRPG for Sweden's Free League is reincarnated as a mirth and mayhem roleplaying gameDragon

At Gen Con, Free League Publishing has announced a new tabletop game that reflects Sweden''s previous exploitation. Dragonbane, a reimagining of Drakar och Demoner, will begin a crowdfunding campaign at the end of August.

The Swedish publisher had the news dismissed as part of its Gen Con Indy 2022 appearance. This will be the first time the tabletop RPG, which was built in 1982 and thus celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, will be printed in English, and Free League says the organization wants to demonstrate to a wider audience why Drakar och Demoner was so influential.

According to Free League, Dragonbane will be a contemporary fantasy game with rules that help individuals who want to hit the table running without feeling overwhelmed by extensive prep work. This new edition will embrace a mirth and mayhem roleplaying style that may be used for breezy one-shot delves, while leaving plenty of room for goofiness and fun moments.

The Kickstarter campaign, which will begin on August 30th, will fund the core game, a boxed starter set, and at least one complete adventure - Free League reports that further adventures will be tied to stretch goals.

Tomas Harenstam takes the lead design duties for Dragonbane, which is the first ever franchise player to develop Alien RPG, Mutant: Year Zero, and the upcoming Blade Runner RPG. Johan Egerkrans will provide plenty of artwork for the game, including the cover of the boxed set. Tabletop players will thank the Swedish illustrator for his work on Vaeson: Nordic Horror, which is inspired by Egerkrans'' own own book of the same name.

Niklas Natt och Dag, a Swedish author, is joining the writing team to develop the pivotal TRPG into a contemporary scene with an increased interest in OSR-inspired games and Free Leagues as a curator of in-house hits and indie darlings. Dragonbane hopes to build a large audience that is willing and capable of adopting tradition.

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