Detective Comics, Judgment Day, and Spider-Verse Get Seconds on PrintWatch

Detective Comics, Judgment Day, and Spider-Verse Get Seconds on PrintWatch

DC Comics tells retailers that "following an overwhelming response from fans, critics, and retailers, #1062the start of the thrilling and distressing "Gotham Nocturne" storyline, and the debut of new superstar creative team writer Ram. V and artist Rafael Albuquerqueis, a returning print, will feature a haunting all-new cover by Julian Totino Tedesco on August 14th and on sale on the 6th of September.

PrintWatch: A batch of Marvel Comics is now available, for #14, and #1, for second printings.

END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE IS COMING! edge (''ej) noun 1. outermost limit of an object 2. the sharp side of a blade The leading edge of the Spider-Verse has brought you Spider-Gwen and Peni Parker. IN THIS ISSUE: SPIDER-REX AND MORE! T+

SUPER SUPERMAN IS THE HOST OUT OF THE SPIDER-MAN 6 BAGLEY 2ND PRINTING VARIANT (W) Zeb Wells (A) David Lopez (CA) John Romita LANDMARK ISSUE #900! The nine-hundredth issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has gone out the month of Spider-Agenda, and we are pulling out ALL THE STOPS! Someone from Spider-Agenda has captured the Sinister Six and used

DAY 1 OF THE YEAR BROOKS 2ND PRINTING VARIANT [AXE] (W) Kieron Gillen (A) Valerio Schiti (CA) Mark Brooks IN THE LAND OF THE RIGHTEOUS The X-Men claim they''re the planets'' new gods. The Eternals know that position is already filled. Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti have discussed the summer''s apocalyptic event. T+

SHANG-CHI AND THE TEN RINGS 1 TO THE 2ND PRINTING VARIANT (W) Gene Luen Yang (A) Marcus To (CA) Dike Ruan There is no doubt that Shang-Chi has gained possession of the powerful Ten Rings. However, every bounty hunter, assassin, and evil syndicate in the Marvel Universe is coming to take the Rings from him! Find out as the true origin of the Ten Rings starts here from Gene Luen Yang (SHANG-

MOON KNIGHT 14 TBD ARTIST 2ND PRINTING VARIANT Jed MacKay (A) Alessandro Cappuccio (CA) Stephen Segovia The scars of Zodiac''s attack linger with the Midnight Mission faithful, but that does not hinder Moon Knight from picking an entirely new fight. A new arc begins as Moon Knight enters a battle on two fronts, one on the midnight streets, and the other within his own mind! T+ RATED

DEMON WARS: THE IRON SAMURAI 1 MOMOKO 2ND PRINTING VARIANT(W) Peach Momoko is bringing readers to another dimension one filled with wondrous creatures: sentient samurai armor, a mysterious panther person, and a red, snakelike monster with a deadly appetite. Don''t miss the next evolution of the Peach Momoko''s Marvel Universe! T+ SRP: $4.99

Some copies from PrintWatch previously were denied.

BEYOND 1 RODRIGUEZ 2ND PRINTING VARIANT (W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Javier Rodriguez Al Ewing and Javier Rodr guez follow up their acclaimed DEFENDERS: THERE ARE NO RULES series with a new volume and an all-new lineup, including Loki, God of Stories! When Doctor Strange sends a terrible warning, Tigra, and Loki assemble to defend reality itself! RATED T+ Price: $3.99

GAMBIT 1 NAUCK 2ND PRINTING VARIANT (W) Chris Claremont (A) Sid Kotian (CA) Todd Nauck ALL-NEW ADVENTURES OF THE LEGENDARY THIEF BY CO-CREATOR CHRIS CLAREMONT! Before he joined the X-MEN, Gambit encountered a mysterious girl named "RO the mutant STORM regressed to her child self by the nefarious NANNY! RATED

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