Season 2 of Battlefield 2042's next map will be released in September

Season 2 of Battlefield 2042's next map will be released in September

Season 2 of Battlefield 2042''s latest map is expected to arrive.

Shashank Uchil, the lead level designer for DICE, said the organization had taken on player feedback by focusing on adding cover and small spaces in a developer interview.

"We want to make smaller levels, but we want to have levels with extra cover. Everything we need to do is to maintain this level.

Uchil talked about the difficulties of redesigning the base maps in order to add more cover, but he also noted that, in part, adding additional assets on such large maps without compromising on performance:

"A level can be any size it needs to be, but it can only have so much content in it." If you add more cover, it needs to come from somewhere. The levels at the start were at max asset count. So that''s why it takes time."

The company appears to have learned lessons from gigantic maps and more on compact maps with additional cover.

Uchil said that the team took on the feedback that the maps were too "pristine" so that the maps have been reworked to give a more "war torn" appearance.

The player base anticipated Update 1.2, which included the first update base map, which included additional cover and a smaller world size.

DICE''s decision not to include the reworked map, Kaleidoscope, in its own dedicated playlist has puzzled players. Players are now at the mercy of the game''s auto-search or are able to take their chances with fan-made Portal servers.

DICE has also confirmed that additional base maps will be updated once the revamp process is completed, although no timeframe has been established.

It''s still unclear whether DICE will continue to support Battlefield 2042 after Year One or abandon its ship just as they did with Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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