In a new Dav Pilkey comic, Dog Man will meet with Captain Underpants

In a new Dav Pilkey comic, Dog Man will meet with Captain Underpants

Along with Dog Man: Twenty-Thousand Fleas Under the Sea, Scholastic will publish a 26-year anniversary edition of the first Captain Underpants book, The Adventures of Captain Underpants, which features Dog Man and Captain Underpants, and bringing together two characters in a never-before-told story.

Dav Pilkey''s children started the chapterbook category in kids'' fiction in 1997, when the children hypnotized their principal Mr. Krupp to become him. The tenth book, which consists of two hundred illustrations, has been rewritten by Dav Pilkey. The character Captain Underpants, who is now real, is transformed into 80-HD, a robot inspired by George and Harold.

As part of the reissue of the novel they first starred together in, George and Harold are developing their very own crossover comic book. As a result, they briufht Captain Underpants to life, and will they be able to do the same with Dog Man?

Dav Pilkey''s 35-year career in cartoon publishing was inspired by a teacher who encouraged him to write and illustrate for children. He then met a teacher and published his first movie, World War Won, which won a national competition in 1986. Dav received the California Young Reader Medal forDog Breath(1994) and The Caldecott Honor for ThePaperboy in 1996.

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