Prey Expands His Predator Franchise To New Heights REVIEW'

Prey Expands His Predator Franchise To New Heights REVIEW'

The exact film that Predator fans have been waiting years for. Fresh and exciting, DanTrachtenberg has made a film to match the original classic in every way and in a series being improved. The entire cast, especially Amber Midthunder and Dakota Beavers, has not been this outrageous and violent in years. This is an instant classic, and as the years pass should be equally as beloved.

Prey Is The Summer''''s Best Action Film

Naru (Amber Midthunder) is a member of her tribe who wants to go out on hunts to provide her family. Despite her intelligence and her abilities, she is put to the test when she and her tribe are threatened by an invisible adversary, which turns out to be a predator. Using her ingenuity and desire to overcome these difficult odds in an ultimate test.

Trachtenburg and writer Patrick Aison excel in establishing the world that lives in. How refreshing it is to get character development and world-building on screen in a Predator film this summer isn''t overstated. Naru and her brother Taabe are both great friends in this film, but they are very professional in their relationship. They are also great at learning to maintain a sense of belonging. It''s this part of the film that is really tugging at your emotions.

The action progresses, and when we meet the Predator in full, played by Dane DiLiegro, it becomes one of the most iconic entrances in a franchise film in some time. DiLiegro is the most menacing Predator ever, and has made the scary element back to the monster for sure. Everything starts to escalate quickly and brutally from there, with some of the coolest action in the franchise. It''s fast-paced and visceral, and there''s plenty to offer to action film

The first film in this series, the seventh if you count the films as well, was stacked against this, especially due to the fact that most of the Predator films have been misled. However, by focusing on the human character and having respect for the Comanche setting, Prey became a film that Predator enthusiasts can watch with pride, knowing that the franchise they love finally has a worthy success. This is a stunning film that deserves to be seen on the big screen.

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