SweeTARTS will conduct a film festival on TikTok Exclusively

SweeTARTS will conduct a film festival on TikTok Exclusively

SweeTARTS will be hosting their own film festival exclusively on TikTok during the month of August. This is a way for storytellers from all over the country to experience those talents and reward some of the most talented individuals who enter. Starting next week and running until September 7th, you may enter your film with your TikTok account and a specific hashtag. In October, a special awards ceremony will be held by Xochitl Gomez.

The SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok begins August 12th, with the entry window ending September 7th. With more than 1 billion daily active users worldwide and over 6.5 billion views on #FilmTok, TikTok is home to a new generation of filmmakers who are directing culture, inclusivity, and self-expressionno fancy equipment, big budgets, and elite connections. Everyone is invited to this festival, where fans can submit and engage with short TikTok films in four categories

Xochitl Gomez, the most well-known actress who has been used in recent superhero movies and recently popular TV series remakes, will select four winners, according to a panel of judges. Check out the video Xochitl created here to help kick off the festival, and see below for more information on how to get inside on the action. On October 6th, Xochitl will announce the winners at 7PM ET, only on her TikTok channel.

"It''s both in front and outside the camera that makes storytelling fun." Gomez says: "It''s far better than ever for myself and other storytellers to share our video content with the world." "I''m happy to be joining forces with SweeTARTS in producing a brand new celebration of modern-day filmmakers."

"The SweeTARTSFilmFest on TikTok, founded with our name and fully expressed in our motto of ''Be Both,'' SweeTARTS believes powerful results are unleashed when you combine things that are seemingly opposite, like our unique Sweet and Tart profile," said Jennifer Brownson, the brand manager for SweeTARTS. "The SweeTARTSFilmFest on TikTok celebrates the seemingly outrageous combination of the everyday and impactful content, which is

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