Melissa Rauch, star of Night Court, feeds our social media updates

Melissa Rauch, star of Night Court, feeds our social media updates

So here''s been two months since we first discussed the effects of star and EP Melissa Rauch, and comedian Dan Rubin''s revival of Reinhold Weege''s popular sitcom. Just as you may remember, Rubin''s sequel series encourages viewers to enthuse about their eyes and sends an apology to the cast, including former arraignment judge Abby Stone (Rauch), who has since died. But it''s not always a bad day for any group from the set, or a quick

Now here''s a look at Rauch''s post, putting shades outside her dressing room, and giving a really cool look at the show''s logo (assuming it''s not just the production logo, which it might be):

Melissa Rauch (@melissarauch) has sent a message.

Olivia, the prosecutor of the Bay Ridge apartment, is superficial and tightly wound. Olivia sees the night court as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. If she isn''t very successful by then, she will be able to make a decision. Nikolai, a staple character in the apartment, is easily riled up and protective of the family members. He''s a kind of mystery to everyone who works the same way.

After January, a Rauch and Winston Rauch executive produce via After January production company (based at Warner Bros. TV) with Rubin- with Larroquette set to produce. After January produces in association with the original series studio Warner Bros. first reported on casting news.

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