Shudder is hosting the annual film festival in 13 Minutes Of Horror in 2022

Shudder is hosting the annual film festival in 13 Minutes Of Horror in 2022

13 Minutes of Horror 2022: SciFi Horror is set to premiere on Shudder, a horror streaming company, from August 13th through November 12. A one-minute film challenge for women is aimed at BIWOC, LGBTQ+ women, disabled women, and non-binary creators.

In June, the collective met with Stowe Story Labs for its first Nyx Horror Fellowship, which was offered to women aged 40 and older. Sandra Campbell, the recipient of this year''s film, returned to 13 Minutes, giving its filmmakers the opportunity to showcase excellent indie horror on the platform. This has been invaluable to past and present great filmmakers.

Official Selections: If you like @shudder, please respond here to ''em know what you''re going through!

Nyx Horror Collective (@NyxHorror) August 2, 2022

Eunice Levis, who directed her debut on "Fell Ends," shared her story with a team of artists dedicated to promoting women in the film industry. "Seeing my film on Shudder was so positive and gave me a sense of community," Levis said of recent collaboration with Netflix as part of NALIP Latino Lens, a narrative short film incubator for Women of Color.

In anticipation of Shudder via NYX 13 Minutes of Horror, we''re having a little bit of song celebration!

Nyx Horror Collective (@NyxHorror) July 13, 2022

"We''re so pleased that our passion inspired someone to get more involved in their career," co-producer Mo Moshaty said. "Being aware of 13 minutes from our filmmakers and how this festival was a dream come true for them has been beyond rewarding for our team and exceeded our expectations."

Our official selections & honorable mentions for #13MinutesofHorror have been announced! Congratulations to all filmmakers who submitted the quality of films this year, and our judges made tough decisions. Our official selections dropped on @Shudder on August 13th! #WomeninHorror

Nyx Horror Collective (@NyxHorror) June 13, 2022

"We are so grateful to our amazing judges this year: Tananarive Due (), writer/producer Liz Phang (), writer Kim Garland (SyFy''s ), and Jonathan Barkan (Head of Acquisition at Mutiny Pictures)" said Melody Cooper, who is co-producer. This year''s film festival is produced by Cooper, Krause, Moshaty, and Lisa Kroger.

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