Everything we know about Keanu Reeves' starring series Devil in the White City

Everything we know about Keanu Reeves' starring series Devil in the White City

The story of one of Americas first serial killers is coming to television with the adaptation of and big names including Keanu Reeves, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Martin Scorsese are all behind it. Hulu officially announced the series following Reeves'' in discussions earlier in 2022.

A TV adaptation based on Erik Larson''s best-selling non-fiction book (opens in a new tab) has been in the works for years, dating back to 2010, when DiCaprio decided to let the rights go, with the aim of developing it into a documentary directed by the actor and Scorsese. Both, along with Reeves, are now behind the project as executive producers.

Here''s what we know about it.

When is the release date for the Devil in the White City?

Hulu officially ordered the TV series on August 4, but it might take a while before it makes its way to the streaming service, as no release date or even a release window was offered.

As Hulu proceeds, we know the show will be available on the US streaming service when it is ready. We can guess that Disney Plus will be the home in the United Kingdom, but that is at this point unconfirmed.

What is the Devil in the White City plot?

The first is Daniel H. Burnham, an architect who was the driving force behind the Worlds Fair''s preparation, which included posters of the lightbulb and the Ferris Wheel for the first time. The other is Dr. H. H. Holmes, who is regarded as America''s first modern serial killer.

Who is in the Devil in the White City cast?

Keanu Reeves is currently the only confirmed cast member who plays Daniel H. Burnham. This is one of the most famous television roles for and star in his career. Since his early days, Reeves has had a few roles in television, especially in the crime comedy (available to watch on Tubi, if you''re curious).

Leonardo DiCaprio was first mentioned on the show early on, but at this time, DiCaprio isn''t expected to join the show.

Who is directing Devil in the White City?

With Martin Scorsese, the other big name might perhaps be adamant that the director will not be behind the camera for. While Scorsese has previously directed some TV episodes (most specifically the pilots for and ), he is not expected to direct any episodes for.

Todd Field, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker for and. He will have a new film in 2022, with Cate Blanchett.

Is there a Devil in the White City trailer?

Given that the show was just officially announced and that casting is still underway, were a ways away from a trailer being ready for the show.

If that or any other news is shared, we will update this post.

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