Publisher Koch Media rebrands to become Plaion

Publisher Koch Media rebrands to become Plaion

It''s important to establish a new identity, but it''s also a little easier to say.

The name Koch Media, a games publisher under the broad umbrella of the Embracer Group, has been changed. As the company, the 28-year-old company, Koch Media is rebranding.

The company, founded under the moniker of Koch Media, is making use of various games and brands, starting from andtoand. The company was purchased by Embracer Group (THQ Nordic at the time) in 2018, and now it will operate under a new name.

Plaion says this name, according to a press release, will better represent the company''s history and the companies it works with.

The new name allows us to build on our extensive history as a publishing partner and our extensive, constantly expanding network of internationally-class development studios and creative people, to continue offering premium service to our partners, to highlight our potential as a global player in the entertainment industry, but also to reinvent ourselves.

Whats in a name?

Kundratitz spoke with about the name change, expressing his hope that the change will have a bigger impact on the world.

Our belief for so many years was associated with physical distribution, perhaps because we were more of a central European company, especially in the United Kingdom, because that was among the first three countries where we started, according to Kundratitz. However, they were perhaps not seen as a global corporation. It''s sometimes challenging for others to pronounce it.

Plaion is quite simple to pronounce. It''s just play-on. The company''s new logo is also stylized in the common triangle used for Play.

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