With Prime 1 Studio, DC Comics' Reverse Red Death is under control

With Prime 1 Studio, DC Comics' Reverse Red Death is under control

The Dark Night: Metal was the evil Batmen solo issues from the DC Comics series. One of them was The Flash, who was a version of Bruce Wayne who forced himself to merge with the Speed Force. However, during the Dark Night: Metal arc, this evil Bruce let his mind fall, which allowed Barry Allen to return to his body once more!

This badass DC Comics Dark Multiverse character is incredible, and I like the golden suit. Prime q Studio is bringing this hero to life with their Reverse Red Death 1/3 Scale statue. It''s a $1,349 statue that''s planned for an October 2022 release, which includes pre-orders. He''ll be seen in all his glory here.

The 1:3 Scale The Reverse Red Death from Dark Nights Metal in the Museum Masterline Series! When Batman of Earth -52 lost all his Robins to the crimes he considered too slow to prevent, he decided that the solution was to steal the Speed Force from his world''s Flash and take it unto himself. After murdering all of The Flash''s gallery, Batman subdued the Flash himself and pushed them both into the Speed Force. He would become a judge, jury, and executioner in

"In the long run, the Reverse Red Death rises in at a slick 29.6 inches tall thanks to the intervention of Barry Allen of Earth Prime. This statue has been lavished with the most eye-catching metallic golden paint, intricately sculpted Speed Force armor, and translucent resin Speed Force energy waves. The Reverse Red Death appears to float in thin air as they flank the vermillion villain. "The Reverse Red Death is presented on his own supercharged base, complete with skulls, exhaust

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