TheAwakened, a Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft remake from Frogwares, is available for download

TheAwakened, a Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft remake from Frogwares, is available for download

Following last week''s announcement that Frogwares, the creator of the likes of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One and The Sinking City, is redesigning its 2007 Sherlock/Lovecraft crossover The Awakened, the studio has released a first cinematic trailer for the project, which is now seeking Kickstarter funding.

The Awakened, if you''re unfamiliar, was the third installment in a series of Sherlock Holmes investigatory adventures that has so far spanned nine games, pitting the Baker Street detective against Cthulhu cults and eldritch abominations across Victorian London, Switzerland, New Orleans, and the Scottish Highlands.

Frogwares'' Lovecraftian The Sinking City will be reimagined as a modern audience, based on its more recent Sherlock games. And the studio''s got you covered with a newly released cinematic trailer in which Sherlock and Watson traverse the New Orleans bayous into a strange territory that, pleasingly, seems to share some aesthetic charms.

The Awakened is set to be released on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch sometime next year, but Frogwares is also seeking additional funding through Kickstarter to help the Ukrainian studio achieve some "stability and predictability" as it continues to adapt to life during Russia''s ongoing invasion of the country.

"Under normal circumstances, we would save the game''s funding through previous titles," he said at the time of its initial announcement. "But this war is constantly posing new challenges at us that each time requires we stop, regroup, and adapt. This takes time, effort, and in some instances money that would normally be marked to support the production of a game."

In a sobering developer video accompanying today''s Kickstarter campaign, Frogwares explains its reason for crowdfunding and provides some additional insight into the difficulties of creating a game during a conflict. So far, the crowdfunding campaign has already accomplished its initial $71,140 USD goal, still with 29 days to go.

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