Who's Who in the New Netflix romcom Wedding Season? Meet the cast of Wedding Season: Who's Who

Who's Who in the New Netflix romcom Wedding Season? Meet the cast of Wedding Season: Who's Who

This is a lively Netflix romcom that focuses on the Indian American community and the difficulties of finding a spouse, which has huge implications for Asha (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravi (Suraj Sharma).

In an attempt to make their parents off their backs, the mismatched pair pretend to date during the wedding season. However, they soon realize that their unsettling feelings about each other have become real.

Pallavi demonstrates how important it was to her in portraying Asha in Talking to The List.

"I was initially drawn to this project by this script that was shown to me, in which a South Asian lady was front and center, and her journey was being explored with so much compassion and humor.

"It was an opportunity to express my own deepest connection to this dual identity I have faced, which so many of my friends and my cousins, my uncles, and my aunties have dealt with, as well as their nieces and nephews."

Let''s look at the main players to see our attention as they are fussy parents and having a keen eye on every aspect of their familiar relationship.

Who''''s who in the Wedding Season cast

Pallavi Sharda as Asha

Pallavi Sharda plays Asha, a charismatic career-focused woman who hasn''t had time to date due to her high-profile job, which impedes her parents'' desire to marry.

To help her unrelenting parents off the hook, she develops a strategy to pretend to date Ravi (Suraj Sharma) during the wedding season.

Pallavi has appeared in both the Oscar-nominated films and Bollywood films as well as in various movies and shows.

Suraj Sharma as Ravi

Ravi, who reluctantly agrees to Asha''s pretend, is more laidback than Asha and puts his passion into adopting a career path that makes him happy rather than successful.

Suraj was a propelled actor and has now acted as a star.

Arianna Afsar as Priya

Priya, Asha''s sister, is played by Arianna Afsar. Her and Asha are very close when they need sisterly counsel.

Priya, who is married to her neurosurgeon husband Nick (Sean Kleier), was also Asha''s first person to confess to her intention to take a date. Ravi is also said to be in contact with the Lord of the Rings.

Arianna is a singer and actress, having played a leading performer on the screen and had a directorial role.

Sean Kleier as Nick

Sean Kleier plays Priya''s hilarious and dreadful fiance, Nick, who is constantly going above and beyond to impress Priya''s parents, and is eager to learn all about Indian culture.

Sean has been invited to and played in various roles.

Veena Sood as Suneeta

Veena Sood takes on Asha''s role as his mother Suneeta, who wants Asha to marry and establishes an online dating profile for her daughter behind her.

The actress has a lengthy acting career that spans three decades, with some of them in attendance, as well.

Rizwan Manji as Vijay

Rizwan Manji plays Vijay, Asha''s gentle father, who is constantly calm down his wife''s overreactions and is an ecologist like Asha.

Rizwan is best known for his portrayal of Ray Butani in and has been in and to name a few.

Sonia Dhillon Tully as Veena

Ravi''s mother, Veena, is often criticized by her husband, Dinesh, for his attitude towards Ravi, and for her son to be happy in life. Sonia Dhillon Tully, who speaks English, portrays Ravi''s mother, who often criticizes her husband, Dinesh.

Sonia has appeared in a number of films, including in the film "Sonia."

Manoj Sood as Dinesh

Manoj Sood, who is Veena Sood''s real-life father, plays Ravi''s father, Dinesh, who is often berating Ravi''s life choices and expresses his displeasure in him. However, things are shifting by the end of the film.

Manoj has played and performed in various roles.

is now available for download on Netflix [check out our ending explanation article].

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