Craig and Naomie slam on Paige's wishes in Southern Charm in a tense rematch

Craig and Naomie slam on Paige's wishes in Southern Charm in a tense rematch

Olivia Flowers'' oyster roast dinner was canceled by the crew, which means they''ll keep an eye on the events during season 8, episode seven.

Kathryn Dennis and Austen Kroll met up for a pedicure. He said he hadn''t met Olivia before, but that she had invited his ex-girlfriend to the meeting. I don''t want to pursue someone who wants to be friends with my ex, according to him. Fortunately, Olivia isn''t interested in continuing what they had started.

Kathryn does not feel as confident as her newly revived relationship is. In episode 6, the two got back together. I mean, were doing things, but in my stomach, something is off, according to Austen, noting how Chleb was talking to Naomie at the party.

Kathryn and Austen meeting on Pedicure and Shep for yoga are fun activities to watch. Theyre true friends and scenes with them are genuine not forced. #SouthernCharmAugust 5, 2022

Craig Conover received a phone email from his ex-girlfriend, Naomie Olindo, who she was requesting to meet up for coffee in order to pick his mind about what happened at Olivias.

Craig and Naomie agreed to go anyway two weeks before, whereas Naomie filled him in on how she chatted with Chleb and how he started talking about Kathryn and how he said some bad things about her.

Then, she explained the conversation back to Kathryn and Chleb''s relationship, and how she (regrettably) would disclose their laundry to other people. Craig explained how he didn''t understand why Naomie couldn''t have just told him this over the phone instead of meeting in person. Naomie stated that she felt sorry for Kathryn and that it was necessary to provide the information to Craig, since he is close to her.

Craig arranged to leave to pick up Paige at the airport, which she suggested. At the end of the day, Naomie said she would not have asked Craig to drink coffee if she didnt think they were on the same page. At the same time, she said.

Im surprised that Craig had a coffee date with Naomie. He should have been more upfront on the phone, but he lauded him for respecting Paiges'' wishes. #SouthernCharmAugust 5, 2022

Venita Aspen requested Olivia to talk to them before her party. Now everything was on the table. She was concerned about how Venita had used the racist word, but Olivia was tumultuous. In turn, Venita apologized, and the two agreed to leave the party unchanged.

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