Who was voted out this week for Big Brother's eviction spoiler?

Who was voted out this week for Big Brother's eviction spoiler?

We pick right where we missed out on Wednesday night''s episode of season 24 (opens in new tab) during which Daniel made "one of history''s dumbest moves," utilizing the power of veto to nominate his number-one partner, Nicole, and their collective adversary, Taylor. For her part, Taylor is outraged that she''s not on the chopping block yet again, but Nicole is dissatisfied and misguidedly so.

Nicole doesn''t know that her and Daniel''s grand intention to sue Taylor out of the BB Motel is actually a backdoor effort by The Leftovers alliance to derail Nicole. In fact, she revealed to girls'' girls'' girls Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine that she used to be a cop, a piece of secret information she believes will be invaluable to them on the road.

Nicole misjudged the situation in a nine-to-one vote, where only her ally Daniel vote to keep her in the house. "To quotesuperfan Rihanna, you lookodumb right now," Nicole tells the court before the final vote, in which Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine all turned on their previous friends.

Nicole explains how Taylor''s speech was "amazing and funny" in her departure interview with Julie Chen, but how she explained that "I think I''d be able to control her and her game... and this is the only rule I didn''t follow, when I consider playing someone''s other''s game in the house." She also mentions Daniel, a fellow comedian.

Upon Nicole''s departure, Daniel announces to the house: "Remember, ya''ll can''t split the check. Play for yourselves." Realizing that he''s now outnumbered by The Leftovers alliance, he confronts the camera: "I''ll just begin packing my bags now...ugh, I must live with these people."

Taylor is tasked with selecting a new team to join with her Festie Bestie. She selects Indy and Alyssa, a smart move as they''re not included in her The Leftovers alliance.

Fans are reacteding to the Big Brother eviction, and there are some spoilers to come!

Nicole, a former Broward Sheriff''s Office deputy, was not aware of this eviction plot from a mile away.

Nicole #BigBrother pic.twitter.com/3urx6OsXqLAugust 5, 2022

Nicole from @CBSBigBrother says she could hear a rat while she was playing. Guess we know why she became a cook. And only a vote! Daniel should be ashamed and start practicing his Elvis act.August 5, 2022

Nicole: Taylor was the main targetJulie: 9-1#bb24 #bigbrother #nicolebb24 pic.twitter.com/XHg2nq4GF4August 5, 2022

Nicole is now a Chef at @CBSBigBrother. Cant read a room and figure out what was going on. pic.twitter.com/5uDU5voCYHAugust 5, 2022

Nicole letting everyone know for no reason that she served ten years #BB24 #BigBrother pic.twitter.com/slJbZzY7rIAugust 5, 2022

Nicole is returning to the mall security pic.twitter.com/dlylKZvGpVAugust 5, 2022

When it comes to reality shows, I hate the whole "I was a cop/detective." Megan has me watching this season of Big Brother... and I can''t help but clear my eyes when Nicole discloses she was cop to others. August 5, 2022

Nicole being a police officer for ten years and a detective for two of them and still not knowing a damn thing about what''s on the Big Brother house is further proof that the officers receive subpar training lmao see ya Detective DoofusAugust 5, 2022

Nicole on her way out of the #BigBrother house, but i was a cop. #BB24 #BigBrother24 pic.twitter.com/Ra5iNzAV9ZAugust 5, 2022

Nicole is so adamant that even evicted she still thinks everything came to her mind, but there is no remorse or accountability for her treatment of Taylor. Daniel, sadly.. #BuhBye #BB24 #BigBrother #bigbrother24 @CBSBigBrotherAugust 5, 2022

Nicole Layog never told us that she was a cop for ten years again. #BB24 #BigBrotherAugust 5, 2022

#Nicole didnt win any of the comps, was VOLUNTEERED to go on the block, and was 4th out on #BB24. The delusion is real! #BigBrother24 #BBLF #BB24livefeeds #BBLiveFeedsAugust 5, 2022

Nicole is gone! Where do I host the next Daniel eviction party? Anyone? @CBSBigBrother, guys...? Anyone? #BB24 August 5, 2022

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