What to look out for as you wait for House of the Dragon

What to look out for as you wait for House of the Dragon

You''re so glad that you''ve got a great time working on it, and you''re wondering what to watch before it comes to your screens?

It''s been more than ten years since we first touched our screens and enthused us with political intrigue, epic battles, dysfunctional families, and seemingly explicit romances.

While the first spin-off,, is almost here, it might feel like it''s just not coming quickly enough.

So, let''s dive into some other shows that might fill the gap as we wait. Weve found out about spectacular world-building, brutal wars, and a few political rivalries, to see what we will do next.

Prepare yourself for the battle and check out our list.

While you wait for House of the Dragon, here''s a guide to what to look out for.


There aren''t any dragons in this one, but there are stunning views of faraway lands (well, as far as Greenland), epic battles, and a slew of power, all of which might only scratch your head.

Based on Ragnar Lothbrok, the real-life Viking chieftain, takes us through England''s raid, his emergence to the Scandinavian King, and follows his sons to Iceland, the Mediterranean, and North America. It''s one of the best TV shows with Vikings around.

Although you were squeamish at some of HBO''s volatile gameplay, make sure you have a cushion that you can secure, and these Vikings take no prisoners when it comes to revenge.

6 episodes: 89 Average episode length: 45 minutes Where to Watch: Prime Video


The Roman Imperial Army, led by Aulus Plautius (David Morrisey, ) has returned to Britain for a second go at conquering the country. This time, they meet themselves up against wild warrior women and mysterious druids who can channel sinister supernatural forces.

One of the most powerful Celtic warriors, Kerra (Kelly Reilly) and Antedia, who once fought for the Roman invasion, is forced to assemble to save their country from the Roman invaders. The film was directed by award-winning playwright Jez Butterworth () and has a more sophisticated tone, revealing scenes that are more sorcery-heavy than some of the other, gritty dramas on this list.

This one is under the "ludicrous but fun" category, although it does not shy away from the blood and gore of its competitors! Set aside a moment and watch the series. Number of seasons: 27 Average episode length: 45 minutes


While many big, bold shows have tried to emulate s success, this series, which started in 2005, had us gripped with political intrigue, bloody battles, and explicit sex scenes long before wed ever heard of Westeros. Unsurprisingly, follows Rome''s transition from republic to empire.

We meet the rulers in the show and see many of the historical events, most of them through the eyes of two ordinary soldiers, Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) and Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson).

One of the most expensive television programs ever produced, with a large-scale recreation of ancient Rome, and a starry cast that included some future stars including Ciaran Hinds, Tobias Menzies, and Indira Varma. Sadly, the drama was brought to an end after just two seasons, but it nevertheless showed that there was no desire for this type of epic drama.

2 episodes: 22 Average episode length: 60 minutes Where to watch: US, HBO Max | UK, Sky


If you liked ''''s tortured couples, then you may get stuck on your boat. This series follows World War II nurse Claire Randall (Catriona Balfe) as she arrives in 1793 via some mysterious stones, where she falls for Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)

Claire begins acting during the Jacobite conflict, but the show fails between periods of wartime England and the American Revolution. Both Claire and Jamie are separated and reunited over the years, while wars, betrayals, sexual indiscretions, and pregnancies keep the drama bubbling along.

Overall, it gives a more romantic outlook on things that match the''succeedful'' approach. A seventh season is on the way.

6 seasons: 67 Average episode length: 45 minutes Where to watch: US: Starz | UK: StarzPlay (via Prime Video Channels (opens in new tab)

Shadow and Bone

Leigh Bardugo''s novel "introduces the viewer to a new (and somewhat complex) world" is inspired by a series of hit fantasy novels.

Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) is a young, orphaned soldier who discovers she is a Grisha, a group with supernatural abilities. However, her gift is unique and might help reunite her divided world, but she is thrown into a world of political and magical intrigue, unsure who to trust.

While reviews were divided, the series consists of a large ensemble cast, diverse locations across an epic world, as well as some fantastic action sequences. It''s definitely worth a look.

1 Episode: 8 Average episode length: 45 minutes Where to watch: Netflix

The Tudors

Fans of this show are more likely to portray Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell, but there''s still a lot more to keep your eyes peeled.

Dormer plays Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII''s famous six wives. Jonathan Rhys Meyers () plays King Henry himself. Follows his political and spousal worries. If the royal family intrigue was your thing in, this is well worth a look.

While critics argue that history was based on a soap opera approach, it is still a bold, provocative watch.

4 seasons: 28 Average episode length: 47 minutes Where to watch: US: Showtime | UK: All 4 (Channel 4''s streaming platform)


Try taking a trip to Camelot if you want something to fill your gap, but that''s also something you can watch with the rest of the family.

This BBC series is a prequel to Arthurian legend we all know and follows a young Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Prince Arthur in their early years. Great news: theres a dragon under the castle. Not so good news: it has less swords and more sorcery. -style gory deaths and battles are out.

Despite its immense charm, adventure, and romance, the film tries to make an epic story involving a wide range of characters over five seasons.

Five seasons: 65 Average episode length: 45 minutes Where to watch: US: Netflix | UK: BBC iPlayer

The Wheel of Time

It''s like a massive series of novel by a well-known author. This time, Robert Jordan is a smash-hit. Find out how to get ahead of the sequel in order.

The Aes Sedai, Moiraine Damodred, who plays a key part in the all-female band, and Lan (Daniel Henney), who have been engaged in the hunt for The Dragon Reborn, a powerful magic-wielding member of the all-female group.

The pair set up a group of four children from the village who might all meet the criteria in order to protect them in the White Tower. As you may expect, this does not go at all ease, since the Dark One''s forces have already plagued the land.

The entire series of shocking twists, hidden monsters, lots of lore, and a host of compelling characters. If you''re a fantasy TV fan, this might just be the perfect solution.

1 episode: 10 Average episode length: 55 minutes Where to watch: Prime Video

Game of Thrones

Here we''re just lying, but why not do it all once.

So, unless youre an uber-dedicated fan and have already watched every season multiple times, you cant possibly remember every single thing that happened in the beginning?

It''s a fantastic opportunity to brush up before the drama unfolded, but the ending did not enthuse fans...maybe it''s time to reassess the whole thing, and give it a second chance?

8 seasons: 73 Average episode length: 50 minutes Where to watch: US, HBO Max | UK, Sky, and NOW TV

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