The Breakfast Show by Katie Piper: Release Date, Guest Stars, and An Exclusive Interview

The Breakfast Show by Katie Piper: Release Date, Guest Stars, and An Exclusive Interview

Katie Piper is set to have an exciting 2022 season!

Bisher, a panelist has been awarded an OBE on the Queens New Years Honours list for her services to charitable organizations and survivors of burns, she has written her first childrens book, and is also in training for a 10k run to raise funds for the Katie Piper Foundation (opens in a new tab).

While everything is fine, Katie has also created her own Sunday-morning chat show on ITV.

Katie, 38, talks to us about this dream-come-true series, her writing career, and life-changing charity work, as well as the inside story on her rumored dramatization of her autobiography, "Beautiful!"

Katie Piper''''s Breakfast Show release date

On ITV, the show will be on Sunday 6 August 2022 at 8.30am.

Katie admits that she has planned to develop her own musical, and that she has been so happy! Ive ever wanted to do this kind of weekend television for so long. I think it to be quite effective to keep the British public entertained during the school holidays. It''s six, one-hour episodes on Sunday mornings, and will be extremely positive, and light-hearted.

Its funny that if I wake up the country I usually wake up at 5.30am with my two children [daughters Belle and Penelope], so the program will start at 8.30am and it''s a bit of a lie in!

What can viewers expect from Katie Piper''s breakfast show?

Katie believes it will be a real mixing. Each show will be attended by two guests: a celebrity and a lifestyle consultant, a podcaster, or a well-being expert. There will be several segments where we investigate options and share positive news stories.

Our present day is like you''re with a friend having a coffee, a gossip, and a laugh. It''s good fun; nothing too much. A bit like how you feel when you listen to a podcast; you''re involved, and you''ve got a good family.

Guest stars on Katie Piper''''s Breakfast Show

HRVY, a pop star and runner-up for Strictly 2020, is expected to be a guest in the first episode. Who else is also a participant?

Jo Brand, singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and my fellow Loose lady, Nadia Sawalha, are among the stars of Katie''s interview. "It''s a fantastic experience for people who like him."

Katies pre-show rituals

Katies became a regular presenter on NBC, and she has learned a few pre-show rituals.

Katie said that before I go on to give me a bit of energy, she prefers a nice ice-cold Diet Coke. And I always wear matching underwear! I know, although, if you feel your best underneath, you''ll feel your best on the outside.

Will Katie watch the show back?

While she is incredibly excited to present her own talk show, Katie admits she has no intentions of attending it with her family.

Do you know, I never watch myself back. And the kids have no interest in watching what I have done. That keeps you grounded, right?

When did I get CBeebies [Katie read by Barry Timms] and. The only time they''ve been interested is when I did CBeebies [Katie read by Barry Timms].

Will there be a barbecue segment on the chat show?

Cooking segments are a well-known morning telly recipe, but Katie does not know whether or not she will make this ingredient in her series:

So many people are doing it, and doing it so well, I think they would stay away from cooking on the show. On a Sunday morning, no one wants me to set the fire to the studio!

I really enjoy cooking with her husband [carpenter and builder Richard James Sutton] at the weekend; it''s something for us as a couple. We don''t go out to bars or nightclubs on a Friday or Saturday, because we''re older and have kids!

"We put the kids to bed, catch up in the kitchen, and try different recipes. I taught him everything he knows, but now he''s exceeded me! I''m the sous chef, doing all the peeling, the cutting, and the washing up. I''m not sure how this happened!

When Katie is still working, she reveals how she likes to spend her Sundays.

I like to have a prepared breakfast, like pancakes or a bacon sandwich. Later my husband and I take the kids swimming or to the park.

We have spent a lot of time on Sunday roasts while playing music and sometimes having a glass of rose out the window this summer. Weve gone so far downhill, its sandwiches because it''s too hot to cook!

While it''s not all chilling, Katie loves to prepare for the week ahead. I make the washing, ironing, pack the school bags, and check the homework. I also try to sort out my inbox, and my clothes for the week if I''m filming. In a saddo kind-of way, I love being prepared. Not on any other day, im afraid, just Sundays!

The Breakfast Show with Katie Piper isn''t the only presenters presentation at the moment.

Katie uncovers that she''s got plenty on-screen and off:

On the 11th September, there will be a 10k event where anyone can register and walk it with me. Or if you want to go for it, go for it but you can''t get discouraged! Our general message is that you get rid of those taboos in society when you look elsewhere.

Katie also on her Twitter account:

COME RUN WITH ME to raise money for @KPFoundation to help survivors of burns! Sign up and donate here: 20, 2022

But that''''s not all!

I also met Ben Shephard recently. I cant say how I got on, because it hasn''t gone out yet, but I will give you a warning it was fantastic!

A new book is coming out early next year. It''s called, for children aged two to five, and it''s all about the qualities that a child must be comfortable, confident, and compassionate, according to Katie. She also has her mother to thank for her love of reading and writing:

"My mother is a teacher. She started reading at a really young age. I believe that helps us to assist us in our development. And you''re never lonely if you''ve got a book."

And, lastly, Katie discusses the possibility that her screenbiography, Beautiful, will be developed.

What happened is that a director in America bought the rights, then someone in England purchased them. I did some work, participating with that person on writing up scripts, and thats how far it went. I think these things can take years. It''s interesting but not something Im pushing or chasing. Mainly because I am so busy and very much enjoying what I do right now. But who knows!

On ITV, it starts on Sunday 6 August at 8.30am. It is yet to be confirmed, but it should also be available for viewing on the Hub following transmission.

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