Tom Sturridge: The Sandman was a "extraordinary" audition process

Tom Sturridge: The Sandman was a "extraordinary" audition process

In Netflix''s adaptation of Neil Gaiman''s iconic comic book series, Tom Sturridge has his dream role (ahem) directing a glittering cast,.

The 10-part series based on DC comics'' stories from 1989 to 1996, tells the story of Morpheus aka Dream, who settles in a land called the Dreaming, a magical world that awaits us all when we close our eyes and sleep.

The entire comic book series spanned 75 issues, with this years first series based on the opening eight sections of the story, beginning in 1916, with Dream being unexpectedly captured and held prisoner for a century.

His absence sets off a series of events that will alter both the dreaming and the waking worlds forever, thus Dream must travel through different cultures and timelines to reverse his remarkable existence.

Gaiman has decided not to accept all offers to adapt for the screen until now, and it is one of the most popular Netflix shows of the year, and Tom Sturridge claims that landing the part of the show''s leading character was nothing less than a feat...

"It was an exceptional process," he says of the audition process. "It began in February 2020 and was a relatively traditional. I then had to get on a plane and do a screen test, and then the world changed, which has a lot of potential potential...

"I had a Zoom chat with twelve people asking questions that one is never asked during an audition process as an actor," said Allan Heinberg, who told me about the final stage. "It was a sad and sad moment."

In normal times, obtaining such a role might have been a reason for celebration, but with the world''s focus being closed, Tom envisaged going to bed would be the most appropriate way to commemorate the occasion.

"I thought very carefully about how I would anticipate that night," he adds. "Because I wanted to find Morpheus, and I wanted to see if I could meet him in my dreams."

Neil Gaiman has since confessed that he and the production team considered around 1500 actors for the lead role, but ultimately thought Tom was the perfect fit, even if he hadn''t previously discovered it.

"The honest truth is I had no experience of the comics," Tom says. "I was aware of their cultural significance, but I hadn''t read them. At the time, I got a hold of one and a look at it, then I started to dive into the story. I just fell in love with Sandman as a piece of literature.

"What became so agitated about the audition was not making him realiseable, but being so keen to become a member of this world." "I''m now a shady Sandman fan. I''ve heard it from start to finish several times, and I''m aware of it very well."

With a cast of directors including David Thewlis, Stephen Fry, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Asim Chaudhry, Jenna Coleman, and a host of strange and wonderful characters, this is a must-watch series for comic book enthusiasts.

"What I love so much about is the extraordinary cast of human beings and gods who have been assembled," Tom says. "You have Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe and Robespierre and Marco Polo; you have Cain and Abel and Lucifer; you have Johanna Constantine. I just want to be in a room with these characters and see them come to life. And the places we visit. The Dreaming is like Narnia and Middle Earth and Hogwarts rolled into one, but even more

The Sandman is now available on Netflix.

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