Release Date and Related: premise, siblings, host, trailer, and everything we know about it

Release Date and Related: premise, siblings, host, trailer, and everything we know about it

Another Netflix reality dating show with a twist the contestants are joined by their siblings who are also looking for love (awkward!).

If you thought dating shows would not be more outrageous, then think again!

The singles are re-enterted to a residence in the South of France, but as they search for their soulmate, each of the siblings will be unwilling to witness their every move, while also working their flirting magic to find "the one."

If you like other cool dating techniques, then this might be the show for you.

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Dated and Related release date

Netflix will be releasing ten episodes on Friday, September 2, 2022.

What is Dated and Related about?

"Imagine having to think about your sibling dating how they flirt, how they treat their partners, and what their signature moves are." In this brand-new reality dating series, pairs of siblings will be seeing each other close and personal as they search for the one together.

"That person who knows you better than anyone should help you navigate the difficult process of dating. However will they act as the ultimate wingman and help you find love? Or do you scupper your intentions and call you out on all your bullsh*t? Either way, it may be Awkward. As Hell."

Who are the siblings who are participating in the dates and related series?

Let''s meet the contestants hoping to find''the one'' with their sibling by their side!

The Bajors

The Bajor sisters are from Texas and the United States.

Mady is a 20-year-old Advertising student, and Lily is a 22-year-old cocktail waitress and student.

The Bishops

Kaz and Kieran, both twins, live in Essex, the United Kingdom.

Kaz, a 30-year-old firefighter, and Kieran is a banking consultant.

The Cohen/Hahns

Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn are from New Jersey, the United States.

Jason (27) is a lifeguard and jet ski instructor, and Chris (27) is a server and surf instructor.

The Millers

The siblings-plus-greatest friends are from Florida, USA.

Dyman, who is 25 years old, works as a medical assistant, and Deyon, Deyon, is a sports model and HR manager.

The Parsijanis

Diana and Nina, who both live in Oslo, Norway.

The twins of a 29-year-old are both working as jewellery specialists.

The Roppos

The Roppos are from Washington, the United States.

Corrina, a 23-year-old music teacher and a 28-year-old Joey customs brokerage manager, has been appointed as the next governor of the state.

Who is the host of Dated and Related?

Melinda Berry is the host of the hit show. She was a contestant on Season 2 of the hit show, so she knows a lot about the reality TV world!

Is there a trailer?

The siblings reveal their fears about having to pull their flirting game with their brother or sister, according to the trailer below.

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