Season 24 of Big Brother: Recaps, evictions, and everything we know about the competition series

Season 24 of Big Brother: Recaps, evictions, and everything we know about the competition series

The first season of CBS premiered 22 years ago. Accounting for the 23 seasons that have aired, namely, almost 300 housemates, who have had a chance to be the last person standing. While some may assume that the series must have lost some of its excitement during its long television history, fans will argue that it is far from the truth.

CBS has argued that would-be viewers should "expect the unexpected" going into this new season. It sounds like this new group of competitors should prepare themselves for some curveballs, and the audience should anticipate a few jaw-dropping surprises.

Season 24 is here to help you.

When will the next Big Brother season 24 episode go?

Season 24 premiered on CBS, the CBS app, and Paramount Plus (for premium subscribers). The series continues to air on Thursdays at 9 pm ET/PT, featuring live evictions, and on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT.

On the day of the new season, Paramount Plus subscribers have a chance to subscribe to the Live Feeds, which teaches supporters some of the house anticipated tactics that won''t make it to TV. Live Feeds are now available.

The next new episode of CBS on Wednesday, August 3, at 8 pm ET/PT, as well as on Paramount Plus (for premium subscribers). Will their current eviction plans be ruined during the Veto competition?

Is it possible to be a fan of "Festie Bestie"''s new game? Also, it looks like Alyssa is a bit dissatisfied with Kyle now that she is on the chopping block. Look out what we mean.

Big Brother season 24 cast

Show producers waited until the last hour to announce the season 24 cast. Here are the 16 competitors brave enough to enter the shambles of the house.

If you want more information on the contestants, we have you covered. Here''s how to see the cast.

Big Brother season 24 episode recaps

Season 1 - Every houseguest receives a ticket, which is the thing that eventually separates them into diverse groups. Each group then hosts a mini-game among them to select the winner of the season 24s first HOH. It turns out that the three contestants who come out of their groups will compete for the prize. Daniel is crowned the weeks HOH.

While being HOH gives a player plenty of power in the house, it''s also true of holding the "Backstage Boss" ticket, which Pooch was able to handle the challenges for the day, but he is also excluded from voting at the eviction ceremony and is safe from being nominated. However, Julie informs him that this amazing "Backstage Boss" ticket allows him to choose three competing players to join him backstage. These players cant vote in the eviction ceremony, yet can

Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany are pulling backstage. So far, Julie advises America that she may vote to save one of the women when the time comes.

The players begin plotting about what strategies and alliances they can use to help them make it until the end of Episode 2 with Daniel as the first HOH and Pooch, Alyssa, Paloma, and Brittany placed in an interesting position following the plot twist.

According to Terrance and Nicole, a lawyer by profession Michael and a hypnotherapist by profession Brittany prefer to lie about their decisions for a living to make themselves appear less of a threat in the competition. After having a few conversations, they begin to bond as the oldest members of the house, but later Nicole forms a bonafide "Rogue Rats" alliance with Daniel. Alyssa and Paloma follow the other two.

Paloma is able to reunite the majority of women in order to establish an alliance. However, one woman who prefers to hang out with the guys instead is Taylor. Taylor''s dedication to align herself with the guys sets a target on her back, and she starts to run a campaign to get Taylor out of the house. Daniel also takes a look at Taylor as a candidate for eviction.

Terrance and Michael will be nominated by Daniel at the end of the day. Despite the selection, we anticipate some severe manipulative actions to occur before next Thursday. By the way, see how fans are already casting Paloma as the season villain.

Players begin plotting about how he was nominated in Episode 3 of the contest. Michael goes to Daniel in an attempt to figure out why he was nominated, claiming that it was nothing personal. Michael then makes his rounds with other players in the house to see if he would be interested in playing in the Veto games if he received a "Players Choice" option, but none of the other contestants take the bait.

Indy, Turner, Daniel, Michael, Ameerah, and Terrance go head to head in a Medieval-inspired game where they ride a mechanical horse and try to collect rings. In the end, Michael comes out victorious, which means he saved himself from elimination.

Taylor is over with him. For some reason, the women, mostly Paloma, are looking for her. So far, Paloma was reluctant to take on the Palomas strategy to enlist the ladies in the house, and he told Paloma, who used this as an opportunity to rally the house against Taylor. Paloma effectively described Taylor as a "liar" and a "snake" of some kind, but the formers are doing the same.

Daniel replaces Michael as a nominee for eviction.

Taylor is reassured that Daniels'' move is because she was "rubbing people the wrong way," but she eventually realizes that Monte told Paloma about her conversation, and now Paloma was spreading rumors that Taylor could not be trusted. Although Taylor is attempting to clear the air with Paloma, Paloma is a brick wall, which continues to crumble.

Paloma is hardly sleeping or eating, and the other neighbors are pledgingly worried about her health. Shortly thereafter, the housemates receive a note that Paloma has left the house for personal reasons.

After all the house havoc Paloma has sparked, she is the first person to leave. Both Taylor and Terrance are freed from eviction.

Then check out why Paloma quit the competition.

Episode 5 of the HOH competition kicks off. Ameerah, Jasmine, Kyle, Michael, Monte, and Joseph face off in a game where they must answer a series of false or false questions about the hotel. Only catch is that they must use their faces to dig through pies in order to find a "T" or "F" to answer each question. In the end, its Jasmine who is victorious. Allow the weekly scheming to begin.

Even with Paloma leaving the house, Taylor still has a target on her back. Pooch attempts to convince some competitors, specifically Jasmine, of a plan he has. He hopes to go on the nomination block as a pawn with Brittany in an attempt to backdoor Taylor. By backdooring her, she wouldnt be able to save herself via a veto.

Jasmine seemingly agrees with the Poochs plan. However, she suggests that she would then reverse a later proposal to replace Taylor as a pawn, and then confront someone else to remove her. However, the plans in the end are fairly conflicting. So what does Jasmine do in the end? She leaves Pooch and Taylor to be removed and decides to let the cards fall in the same manner.

Episode 6 In some great news for Taylor, going into the Veto competition, it appears that she for once is not the main target of the house. As HOH, Jasmine informs most of the house guests that her goal is to effective remove herself, because she doesn''t trust the ladies in the house and their intentions.

As the Veto challenge approaches, the contestants must shoot three volleyballs into a hole with their head and face as their legs are bound by a mermaid costume. Michael gains for the second week in a row.

Michael communicates with Jasmine that they may remove Taylor from the chopping block and replace her with Joseph in an attempt to get one of the more powerful competitors out of the house. In the end, the nominees remain the same. Both Taylor and Pooch are still facing eviction.

Episode 7/8 While Pooch is seemingly in danger of traveling home, Joseph tries to express his concern for Pooch to Monte. Unfortunately, Monte places himself in an awkward position with his marriage with the women, mostly Nicole, by trying to convince the ladies to vote Taylor out of the house instead of Pooch. This behavior may return to Monte later.

Pooch is removed from the competition after receiving a vote of 120 votes (ouch). Perhaps he should have been listening to Joseph at his live eviction.

Julie announces that the game will be played in pairs if one person wins HOH, including indy and Alyssa, Ameerah and Terrance, and Michael and Brittany and Jasmine. So the pair is matched by a veto.

After some discussions, the new HOH twosome of Turner and Jasmine decides to nominate Michael and Brittany to be eliminated.

Episode 9 Of course, the level of disgruntledness some of these housemates have for Taylor is odd, angrier, and even ruthless. Nicole is ready to throw a veto competition to enlist Taylor for her removal, but she is confident she is not a good person, according to Daniel. So far there has been no footage that explains why they feel this way.

While Daniel and Nicole work on a strategy to remove Taylor from the house, they develop a strategy of their own to start picking off the girls and their alliance. Given Taylor is clearly not a member of the girl alliance, they set their sights on winning the veto to backdoor Ameerah as a nominee and vote her out. This guy alliance, the Pound, has a strategy and is ready to execute it. But then Michael and Brittany defeat the veto.

Following this, another alliance emerges. After Daniel inexplicably blows up on Taylor for an alleged passive aggression on her part toward Nicole, Joseph becomes fed up. He recruits Michael and Brittany and Monte pulls in Taylor, and the Leftovers alliance takes shape. Taylor may finally obtain the support she needs to have a competitive chance.

Episode 10 Oh how a day makes. Taylor is finally getting some justice. Ameerah and Terrance, which shocks Ameerah. She only finds herself more chastised when she announces that she will be fired from the house with a 7-4 vote.

Julie advises Terrance to join one of the twosomes and join the other, and he joins the team with Monte and Joseph. But when the episode approaches a close, it appears like its going to get on its way, but then the episode finally ends. It''s causing a lot of fuss among listeners. They''ll have to wait a few days to see what happens.

Season 11 of the HOH competition continues, with players looking for red invitations in a large set of envelopes and then sliding goblets across tables in an effort to gain the highest points. Unfortunately for Nicole, the Monte who wins the award, is a major concern.

Nicole, Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine, who are trying to escape the house, are turning their attention to the blame game. This season, they blame Taylor. At this point, we wonder if these competitors care what they will be perceived once they leave the house.

The Leftovers have to come up with a strategy for nominations. Despite the HOH''s commitment to selecting Nicole out of the house, Monte is adamant that Taylor and Nicole are not allowed to be used as a guardianship (remember Taylor and Nicole are Festies Besties) therefore, he selects Indy and Alyssa, although depending on how the Veto competition goes, he is open to backdooring Nicole if necessary.

Episode 12 Of the last episode of, while the Leftovers try to figure out how they can get Nicole out, the main obstacle appears to be Daniel. Daniel, who has a final two relationship with Nicole and declaring she is the only player he can trust, says that his main goal is to win the POV competition so he can protect his friend. But from there he makes some of the "dumbest moves in history."

Episode 13 Of this eviction episode, Daniel utilizes his veto to kill his ally Nicole before eviction against Taylor. While this is the matchup that Nicole and Daniel wanted to try and get Taylor out, the rest of the housemates have been eager to send Nicole packing. That''s exactly what they did after eviction, with Daniel being her only support. Read more about the latest eviction here.

Big Brother season 24 evictions

Paloma Aguilar is the first contestant to depart the season for personal reasons, thus she technically was not evicted, even if she is no longer on the show.

2. Although he isn''t the first to leave, Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli is the first contestant to be evicted from season 24.

Ameerah Jones is sent home as he recovers from her and everyone who is not aware of her "The Leftovers."

4. Following Daniel''s "dumb" decision that threw her up for eviction, Nicole was voted out of the house in a slam.

Big Brother season 24 premise

As with every season of, the concept of season 24 remains the same. Strangers enter the Big Brother house in hopes of winning the prize and reclaiming the cash prize. Despite their being in the house, nearly everything the contestants do will be seen by cameras, including those moments when they hatch their predictable strategies and schemes.

CBS hasnt revealed all of the surprises in this latest installment of the program, but has instructed viewers to "expect the unexpected this summer with a season full of new and unique twists and turns to challenge the houseguests."

Big Brother season 24 host

Julie Chen Moonves, who has returned to her hosting duties for the Daytime Emmy Award, has become synonymous with with with good reason. She has since hosted the competition series since its opening in 2000. It''s no surprise that the show would look like without her front and center.

How to watch Big Brother season 24

The most recent season of broadcasts is on CBS. Along with FuboTV, Hulu, with Live TV, and YouTube TV, CBS is also available. Paramount Plus Premium subscribers and subscribers to the CBS app have the option to watch episodes live as they air.

If the previous viewing options aren''t appealing to you, season 24 may be seen on-demand via the CBS app or Paramount Plus the day after the episode premiere.

If you want to know more about what''s going on in the house that''s not shown on television, Paramount Plus will be the home of the Live Feed.

While Paramount Plus became available in the United Kingdom on June 22, we are still waiting to get a official word that UK subscribers will be able to see the series with a Paramount Plus subscription. However, a proven method for watching CBS reality shows has been using a VPN or virtual private network.

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