What we've been doing in this past year

What we've been doing in this past year

5th of August, 2022

Hello! Welcome back to our regular feature, in which we''ve covered some of the games we''ve encountered over the last few days. This time, we''ve met exercise, werewolves, and escape areas.

If you like getting caught up on some of the previous versions of What We''ve Been Playing, here''s how to go.

Ring Fit Adventure, Switch

I have been on the Eurogamer team for six wonderful months (woo). However, as a result of this new full-time position, my physical activity levels have decreased somewhat (boo).

So, to overcome my increasing lagginess, I have signed up for a half marathon, which will take place this October. It is rather simple to get old-fashioned extrinsic effort mixed with a lot of accountability to actually get me up and moving after the work day is done.

I have purchased our Ring Fit Adventure from Nintendo Switch to prepare for this ambitious feat (cue gulping in the style of Scooby Doo). At the same time, I may as well get my heart rate up. At least until October, that is.

My latest foray into fitness, admittedly, might have gone more smoothly than it has so far, as it turns out that while we kept the actual ring for the game, the leg strap to hold the second joy-con was clearly cast aside when we moved at the end of last year.

To facilitate the game, I have to make a makeshift leg strap out of one of my daughters elasticated headbands. This is something that will have to be a short term fix, however, as it is both tight and loose at the same time.

As my thigh pushes the headband to its tightest end, the circulation down my left leg is hampered. Despite the fact that every jogging motion goes above a gentle trot, the joy-con is found sliding its way down my leg at a somewhat unsettling angle.

Despite the leg strap flaws, I enjoy bathing and stretching my way through this virtual world in order to defeat Dragaux, hench, bodybuilding. Who knows, I might yet even develop a habit out of this exercise malarkey once my new leg strap comes up.

Escape Academy, Xbox

I''ve only played a bit of this, but I''m genuinely fortunate. I''ve never tried an actual escape room, because the concept of it is frightening, yet Escape Academy is fantastic.

The first area is a sort of tutorial before you get to the whole game itself, and it''s set in a perfectly shabby escape room, where workers are enthused, displaying wallpaper, junk, and other items. After a few minutes getting rid of my inventory, I discovered how to interact with things and navigate them. The second isn''t much harder.

I''m directing underground into an expansive, mysterious location, which is a bit different. I''m constantly interacting with people who wanted to live in an industrial estate, but never into a castle.

There''s an underground train, which promises to guide me to the real game, and the setting will be much bigger and more exciting. However, by starting off in so low-lying environments, I can''t wait to see what''s next.

Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves, PC

Sang-Froid is a very special game for me. It is a combination of strategy and tactics as you prepare your farm for the threat of lions who you will fight on foot every day. But it is also a gift for me. It is one of the first games I played when I became a proficient PC player.

Sang-Froid must have been the second or third game I purchased on Steam, following a lifetime of consoles and handhelds, and it has remained a sort of weathervane for me, speaking of everything PC games can be. It''s a remarkable imagination, and it''s fascinating and complex concepts that you can see being executed as the game comes together. I swear it''s one of the most inventive tactics games I''ve ever played, and it''s an exuderation of the kind of special,

I go back in now and then just to see if it''s as good as I remember it being. Of course, it''s always better. What I want to do now is convince other people to play - a game this good should not be a secret, even if it''s a fantastic memory.

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