Nextweek, Kirby's 30th anniversary concert will be livestreamed

Nextweek, Kirby's 30th anniversary concert will be livestreamed

More information has been released about Kirby''s 30th anniversary live concert and how performers from outside the country may take their seat remotely.

The concert will take place at Tokyo Garden Theatre on the 11th August at 6pm local time in Japan, which was first announced in March.

For UK enthusiasts, this week is 10am, and you''ll be able to stream it on YouTube and start your Thursday off with some Grammy-worthy tunes.

The official website for the celebration concert depicts "original medleys of songs from previous titles in the series" that are guaranteed to take you down memory lane. Also, Kirby will be joining in the fun himself, and you''ll be able to see him on a large LED monitor.

For anyone who will not be able to watch the concert live, the livestream will be archived and uploaded at a later date for replay.

A video archive of the #Kirby30 Anniversary Music Fest will be uploaded at a later date. Please note the concert will be in Japanese and will not be interpreted simultaneous to other languages.

The Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest website has some adorable phone wallpapers, featuring Kirby, Meta Knight, and others who are well-known for the concert.

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