Puzzle 412 Hints, Clues, andSolution are used in Today's Wordle Answer (5 August 5th, 2022)

Puzzle 412 Hints, Clues, andSolution are used in Today's Wordle Answer (5 August 5th, 2022)

The Wordle answer for the 5th of August in 2022, may be unpredictable and subject to errors, but it also offers a lot of high-octane fun.

The most challenging of all the Wordle tricks is the dreaded double letter. To make matters worse, it''s also a consonant that doesn''t come up very often - only twice in the last month, in fact - so you have your work reduced for you if youre intends to narrow things down in time.

As you try to eliminate others, double letters are particularly difficult because Wordle offers so many options. Its very easy to discount any orange or green letters you receive from your future convictions.

You may get a couple of letters in the correct place, but you should be certain to fill in the blanks.

If youre stuck for ideas, we have designed a few Wordle suggestions for August 5th and 2022.

Clues and hints for Today''''s Wordle Answer

When you finally get a couple of tricky letters in Wordle, it can be as exhilarating as jumping over dunes. But here''s just a few things to do to make sure youre feels trapped in the desert.

Here are a few Wordle advices to help you correct any errors.

Your clues for Puzzle 412 are:

  • The answer contains just 1 vowel
  • Theres a repeated consonant with the letters next to each other in the word
  • The word contains 3 descenders (letters with a tail that goes below the writing line) at the end of the word and 1 ascender (letter with a tail that goes above the writing line) at the start

Although words only appear once in Wordle, it still pays to know what is already used, even if it''s just what to avoid. Here''s a list of all of Wordle''s recent solutions from the past month to give you some ideas.

  • #382 Fluff July 6
  • #383 Agape July 7
  • #384 Voice July 8
  • #385 Stead July 9
  • #386 Berth July 10
  • #387 Madam July 11
  • #388 Night July 12
  • #389 Bland July 13
  • #390 Liver July 14
  • #391 Wedge July 15
  • #392 Roomy July 16
  • #393 Wacky July 17
  • #394 Flock July 18
  • #395 Angry July 19
  • #396 Trite July 20
  • #397 Aphid July 21
  • #398 Tryst July 22
  • #399 Midge July 23
  • #400 Power July 24
  • #401 Elope July 25
  • #402 Cinch July 26
  • #403 Motto July 27
  • #404 Stomp July 28
  • #405 Upset July 29
  • #406 Bluff July 30
  • #407 Cramp July 31
  • #408 Quart August 1
  • #409 - Coyly - August 2
  • #410 - Youth - August 3
  • #411 - Rhyme - August 4

Todays Wordle Answer August 5th

Hehe, the answer to Wordle is spooky.

When you first think of buggy these days, modern technologies such as a dune buggy or buggy code might come to mind, but as a word it has been in use for a lot longer than you might think.

Since the late 1700s, Buggy has referred to a covered, four-wheeled carriage, but no one knows why. The best guess is that it was a colloquial term that came about because the carriage''s roof looked somewhat like a beetles shell.

The term buggy to mean infested with bugs has been used for a long time. While it may seem like a more modern form of speaking, adding the suffix -y onto the end of a word to mean full of, or characterised by, has actually been a linguistic phenomenon since the times of Old English.

If youre still chasing for more word game action, test your patience against these Wordle alternatives!

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