The Xbox dev tools update improves series S memory for the developers

The Xbox dev tools update improves series S memory for the developers

The Series S might be enhanced for a fresh GDK upgrade.

A recent update to Microsoft''s Game Development Kit is improving memory for the Xbox Series S. A memory allocation in a GDK update might potentially assist with graphics improvements.

A June GDK video, as spotted by The Verge, has surfaced today, revealing improvements to the developer toolkit. One element notes that more memory is now available for games.

According to the video, Hundreds of megabytes have been freed up. This should increase developers'' memory control, and would improve visual performance in memory-confident situations.

This hasn''t been publicly disclosed as Ars Technica details. This might result in developers getting a little extra memory on the Xbox Series S side of Microsoft''s current-gen hardware.

More memory for the box

This appears to be a good news for Xbox Series S gamers who want to get a bit of visual oomph on their games. Microsofts two current-gen versions of the Xbox Series S have gotten significantly cheaper, but it has grown to be popular.

The relatively inexpensive and relatively small machine has greeted novices. It is especially nice for those who aren''t necessarily interested in 4K resolution graphics. However, as Digital Foundry notes in its Xbox Series S review, differences may appear game-to-game.

Hopefully, freeing up this extra memory will aid out the Series S versions and resolve some issues with system optimization. While hundreds of megabytes isnt a sudden multi-GB spike in horsepower, it might be a little increase that will do a lot.

The GDK update notes several changes as well, such as addressing an issue with graphics virtual addresses. I''ll see how this GDK update works out for Xbox Series S users in the future.

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