This month, the Idol Manager will be released on Nintendo Switch

This month, the Idol Manager will be released on Nintendo Switch

The dark comedy game by Playism and developer Glitch Pitch has been available on the Nintendo eShop for pre-order. The game has already been a success on PC as you''re playing a manager to a number of Japanese pop stars as you try to get them on the top but dealing with the obstacles along the way. The game will also be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 consoles on the launch day, which is currently scheduled to be August 25th and 2022.

Founded in 1965, grew a empire with 5 million yen and some free real estate courtesy of a shady figure enthuseting the reputation of owning a successful talent agency for idol groups. Spend money to audition new talent, then select promising applicants based on their performance and appeal. Factor in other aspects determining how their abilities will change as they age, as well as how they''ll gel with the rest of the group?

Develop personal relationships with idols by employing the right agency personnel to achieve success. Develop groups in a quest to monitor all idol-dom. Research market trends, release singles appealing to the market, and increase their popularity with appropriate performances. Establish social media sanctions, livestream limitations, and dating do''s and don''ts strict rules might lead the talent to rebel, but loose restrictions might not appeal to those who attend.

Try to build an empire, but remember, money doesn''t grow on trees; don''t try to intimidate others, and they''ll play dirty if they need to. Perhaps crime and controversy justify taking the console versions out. Enjoy the management systems with custom settings in Free Mode.

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