Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Reveals Multiple Products For August & September

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Reveals Multiple Products For August & September

Konami will have a slew of surprise releases in the next two months, including the Elemental HERO accessors pack, a new themed deck called Tactical Masters, and a new core booster set called Power of the Elements. All of these will be released between August and September in time to alter the meta. You may check them out more details here.


With this versatile card Case, you can get your cards on hand in style, thanks to our features from the popular Spell CardMiracle Fusion. Each pack comes with 50 sleeves, designed for durability and tournament competition. Have a friend''s favorite cards, including the Skeptic Card Case:SkyscraperandSkydive Scorcher. You can also keep everything organized with a matching double-sided deck divider!

Elemental HERO Accessories protect your cards for play as soon as possible! Select the most suitable cards from the toughest of your tables and keep them flying smoothly throughout the day! It''s a special celebration of the Elemental HERO theme, and it''s time to get youron! Display and carry up to 180 cards at once, in anti-slip pockets, offering maximum travel security.

Afteron September 2, all of the Elemental HERO Accessories have been put on hold. The release includes the MSRP $4.99, the MSRP $14.99, the MSRP $14.99, the MSRP $9.99, and the MSRP $3.99 per pack of 50 people.

The next 100-card core booster set, which includes new Elemental HERO monsters, three new themes to build your Deck around, and lots of exciting new cards for strategies that first appeared inand. It''s loaded with legacy cards for classic Decks, and even has powerful "free agent" cards that fit almost anywhere!

The main deck with the smallest monsters might be the Deck with the most powerful monsters! Level 2, Rank 2, and Link 2, are a new style of Thunder-types that are able to shock opponents and electrify the tournament scene. Each one can also be Special Summoned if you control either a Rank 2, or a Link 2, depending on the monster. Xyz and Link Summons are also possible in lightning-fast speeds.

The full set of cards includes 50 Commons, 26 Super Rares, 14 Ultra Rares, and 10 Secret Rares. MSRP: $4.19 per 9-card pack.

No more deck? This second new theme inmakes you the master of a labyrinthhian castle with Trap Cards. From furious furniture and falling chandeliers, this Deck is all about traps! Create your Deck with a combination of new theme-stamped Trap Cards and old-school heavy hitters, then unleash them on your opponent to trigger the effects of your monster cards and your Field Spell! You can even customize your monster cards with special special summons, but you''ll keep them hidden throughout

The final feature in this series is a Pendulum Monster powerhouse that promotes cards in your Pendulum Zones, putting them back into your opponent''s Spell & Trap zones, and increasing the effect of both cards. It''s a wonderful way to use Pendulum monsters on a whole new level, and it will go even better in October.

Maneuvers begin withTactical Masterson on August 26! The set includes 60 cards: 35 Rares, 15 Super Rares, and 10 Ultra Rares, plus 15 cards as Collector''s Rare variants! MSRP: $4.19 per 7-card pack.

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