Valiant Layoffs and Resignations Have Been Appearanced, Still Uncertain

Valiant Layoffs and Resignations Have Been Appearanced, Still Uncertain

Tonight, there is significant concern about the status of Valiant Entertainment, a New York-based comic book publisher. In recent weeks, there has been concern about the timeliness of payment to freelance comic book authors, but this is sadly not a unique issue among some comic book publishers. However, Bleeding Cool has been hearing significant editorial layoffs and resignations in the wake of those layoffs across the country.

Fred Pierce, who plays Valiant Entertainment in Facebook, says: "Worked at Valiant." He was Vice President of Valiant Manufacturing and Operations from 1990 to 1994, was COO and President of Wizard Entertainment from 1994 to 2008, and Valiant Publisher from 2011 to the present.

Lysa Hawkins, a Valiant Entertainment senior editor who joined Valiant in 2018 after working at Marvel and DC and was promoted in 2020, has changed her Facebook appearance to "Former Senior Editor at Valiant."

Cody White, a Valiant Sales Communication Coordinator who completed his job in April this year, has changed his name to "Former Sales Communication Coordinator."

These are the only current employees we can find that have changed their public employment status. As it stands, no one is answering inquiries publicly. Bleeding Cool has, as of yet, been unable to identify anyone at Valiant who has not been laid off or not resigned. Valiant Entertainment is also unavailable e-mails earlier today, but we aren''t sure who will be left behind to do so.

Valiant Comics was founded in 1989 by formerMarvel Comics editor-in-chiefJim Shooterandlawyerandbusinessman Steven Massarsky, publishing titles such asand. In 1994, the company was sold to Acclaim Entertainment, redistributing additional titles such as and. After Acclaim declared bankruptcy in 2004, the company was restarted by Dinesh ShamdasaniandJason Kothariin 2005, resurrecting the Non-Gold Key titles and introducing new ones, like and.

Valiant announced in 2015 that they had established five films based on both the and the comic books, the first of which was released. DMG then set up their own new comic book publisher, Bad Idea Comics, which was controlled by Dan Mintz. Most former Valiant executives were shown the door and set up a few new creators familiar with Valiant readers. The pandemic was very difficult for Valiant, and they were the first comic book publisher to prescrib them to put down their pencils.

Despite the fact that their previous set of titles was less extensive than before, Valiant Entertainment also expanded into the NFT market, though some have taken further risk. There were also shoes, too, and even more sneakers.

If anyone is able to discuss further the situation at Valiant with your authority, please contact us. Nothing you tell me will be used without your explicit authorization, and I never disclose a source.

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