Deoxys VMAX and VSTAR Battle Box will be released in Pokemon TCG

Deoxys VMAX and VSTAR Battle Box will be released in Pokemon TCG

Yesterday, we showed off the Zeraora VMAX & VSTAR Battle Box. Now, we will reveal the same thing for Deoxys VMAX & VSTAR, which both released on the same day. It makes sense that each Pokemon received a V, a VSTAR, and a Zeraora VSTAR. The Deoxys V will also be released in the October 2022 V battle decks along with the Zeraora V. It will be the same exact card from the Battle Box.

This is also the upcoming slate of releases for the second half of 2022, which is out.

  • pre-release events: Featuring Build & Battle Boxes with four booster packs and four available Black Star Promos, one random selection in each box.
  • Heavy Hitters Premium Collection: This box features fourteen booster packs along with reprinted cards featuring Lucario V, Tyranitar V, a holo Lucario, and a holo Tyranitar from previous sets. This product does not feature any exclusive Black Star Promos. Prices have not yet been announced. Releasing September 1st.
  • Holiday Calendar Box: This box features eight promo cards, new fun packs, six booster packs, and more. We do not currently have information on the promo cards.Releasing September 1st.
  • Trick or Trade BOOster Packs: This $14.99 bundle will include 40 mini booster packs featuring cards from previous sets stamped with a Pikachu Pumpkin. This is intended as a means to give children low-cost packs on Halloween.Releasing September 1st.
  • Set Drop: Featuring booster packs, booster boxes, booster bundles, Elite Trainer Boxes, three-pack blisters, and single-pack blisters. Releasing September 9th.
  • Infernape V V box: Retailing for $19.99, this will be a normal V box with a card, its jumbo version, and four packs. Infernape V is a Black Star Promo exclusive to this box. Releasing September 9th.
  • Origin Forme Dialga Premium Collection & Origin Forme Palkia Premium Collection: These $39.99 boxes will feature a Full Art V and VSTAR Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia, respectively. Each of these are brand new Black Star Promos. These will each have six booster packs. Releasing October 7th.
  • Zeraora VMAX & VSTAR Battle Box: This will include four booster packs three Black Star Promos: Zeraora V, Zeraora VMAX, and Zeraora VSTAR. It will be released on October 14th, 2022, for $29.99.
  • Virizion V box: Retailing for $19.99, this will be a normal V box with a Virizion V, its jumbo version, and four packs. It also includes a reprint of Keldeo from with no changes to the art. Releasing October 14th.
  • October 2022 V Battle Decks: Two will be released for $14.99 each, respectively, featuring the same Vs from the Deoxys & Zeraora Battle Box products. Releasing October 14th.
  • An as-of-yet untitled Ultra-Premium Collection: Retailing for approximately $120, this collection will feature three "etched foil special art cards" as a V, VMAX, and VSTAR. It will also include sixteen booster packs, a coin, sleeves, and more. The last time we saw an Ultra-Premium Collection was the highly coveted UPC, which ended up going for exorbitantly high prices in the secondary market. Before that, the only other times we saw Ultra Premium Collections were for Zacian and Zamazenta Gold Ultra-Premium Collection, as well as the Shiny Rayquaza-themed UPC for the special set Releasing October 2022.
  • Giratina V, Rotom V, and Gallade V Tins: These $24.99 tins will feature five booster packs and one Pokemon-V exclusive to the tin featuring either Origin Forme Giratina, Rotom, or Gallade. Each of these are brand new Black Star Promos. Releasing Fall 2022.

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